EU Cycle Imports SCX Scandium Cyclocross Clincher Wheelset

EU Cycle Imports SCX Scandium Cyclocross Clincher Wheelset. photo by Cyclocross Magazine

EU Cycle Imports has just launched their own line of wheels, and their first offering, lucky for us, is a cyclocross wheel.

For cyclocrossers, whether you ride tubulars or clinchers, wider rims are often better, and the folks at EU Cycle Imports adhere to this philosophy, basing their SCX ‘cross wheel on a 23 mm (exterior) wide Hed Scandium clincher rim.  With an interior width of 18 mm, the rim is nearly 4 mm wider than the average road clincher rim. With the extra width, the wheels offer better support for cyclocross clinchers, better sidewall support and also result in a wider tire footprint.

Paired with White Industry hubs, and Sapim double butted spokes, the wheels tip the scales at 1530 grams, without skewers. They’re not cheap, but with their light weight and wider rim, are an attractive race wheelset for ‘crossers that race on clinchers or tubeless. They also are expected to be very strong, and the folks at EU Imports say their weight limit is at an incredible 240 pounds.

Stay tuned as we put this wheel through its paces, both with tubes and tubeless.

EU Cycle Imports SCX Wheelset:

Hubset: White Industries, 24 hole front, 28 hole rear

Front: 24 Sapim spokes, 14/17 gauge, 2x pattern, alloy nipples.
Rear: 28 Sapim spokes, 14/17 gauge, 2x non-drive with alloy nipples, 14/15 gauge, 3x drive side with brass nipples.
Weight: 1530 grams, without quick releases or rim tape

Hed Scandium C2, 430 grams
23 mm exterior width
18 mm interior width
machined braking surface


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