Our last poll confirmed cyclocross has a unique ability to bring road and mountain bike racers together, with equal numbers of you coming from road and mountain. More surprising is that one in five of you got your start in bike racing through ‘cross. Five years ago such a stat would have been unheard of.  BMX has played a bigger role than we expected, with 14% of you saying your first race was in BMX.

One reader pointed out we should have included triathlon, as the bike/run nature of ‘cross has attracted many multi-sport athletes to cross over (no pun intended). We agree…next time.

Our new poll follows our recent call for cyclocross brake questions…We’ve gotten a bunch, thank you…keep them coming (they’re not shown at the moment).  We also want to know what type of brakes you’re riding…wide profile (like the TRP EuroX), a medium/low profile (like an Avid Shorty), a V-brake, disc, or a combo such as a Paul Neo Retro front with a Paul Touring rear?

As always, you can find our poll on the right side of our site in the sidebar. Let us know.