Osborne in control with 400 meters to go. © Cyclocross Magazine

Osborne in control with 400 meters to go. © Cyclocross Magazine

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BEND, ORE. – In what might end up being the most hotly contested race of the day, Sarah Huang (Planet Bike) and Corrie Osborne (Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.) battled so hard for the title of 15-16 National Champion that they caught and passed 17-18 winner Alexis Ryan (The TEAM SoCalCross), even though they started a minute behind the older category.

Ryan had already established a commanding lead over her closest competitors – second place finisher Kaitlyn Lawrence (Charm City Cycling LLC) and third place Emily Shields (Carolina Masters Cycling Team) – when a charging Huang came by her.

“It was hard,” said Ryan. “I rode really hard on the first lap, because on the back on the off-camber, I knew I had to be on the front, so I just killed the first lap. And then I started fading. But then Sarah and Corrie passed me and I was like: Oh shit! They’re making me look bad!” Regardless, Ryan stayed close to the younger riders and soloed to victory.

Emily Shields’ sister Katherine, who also rides for Carolina Masters, rode in for fourth in the 17-18 Juniors’ race, just ahead of Emily Curley, who battled her way onto the final podium step after taking fourth last year in the 15-16 division. If the last name sounds familiar, Emily is the daughter of multi-time champ Paul Curley, and that connection was apparent as Emily has adopted her father’s easily-identified white disc cover on her rear wheel.

Huang had been soloing for most of the 15-16 race, picking off members of the category she’ll be in next year, but began to fade slightly. The loss of momentum allowed Osborne, who had been coming in behind Huang in their Wisconsin competitions all season long, to take advantage of her own increasingly strong effort to overtake the lead. Though they’ve been close all season, this was the first race that Osborne, who’s being trained by Katie Compton, came in ahead of her rival.

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Full Results:

Women 15-16

Place Points Name City, State Time License Bib Team
1 150 Corrie Osborne Mequon, WI 0:28:56 298510 102 Nova Cycle Sports Foundation In
2 135 Sarah Huang Kenosha, WI 29:15:00 225258 101 Planet Bike
3 120 Andrea Casebolt Olympia, WA 31:37:00 256332 108 Rad Racing Nw/Hagens Berman
4 105 Laurel Rathbun Monument, CO 31:45:00 201838 107
5 90 Bailey Semian Mertztown, PA 33:19:00 281672 110 Chester County Cycling Foundati
6 85 Hannah Mossman Cincinnati, OH 34:06:00 260364 106 Project Velo Racing
7 80 Anna Milton Northborough, MA 36:20:00 302207 103
8 75 Madeleine Myall Lafayette, CA 36:46:00 285956 105 California Giant Cycling
9 70 Sharon Hart Washougal, WA 38:16:00 331692 109
10 65 Marisa Reid Portland, OR @1Lap 303605 104

Women 17-18

Place Points Name City, State Time License Bib Team
1 150 Alexis Ryan Ventura, CA 0:30:11 205156 158 The Team /The Team Socalcross
2 135 Emily Shields Salisbury, NC 30:37:00 220875 161 Carolina Masters /Carolina Mast
3 120 Kaitlyn Lawrence Emmaus, PA 30:52:00 232118 163 Charm City Cycling Llc
4 105 Katherine Shields Salisbury, NC 31:13:00 220876 160 Carolina Masters /Carolina Mast
5 90 Emily Curley Taunton, MA 31:38:00 254284 159 Blue Steel Cyclery
6 85 Clarissa Freeman Albuquerque, NM 33:11:00 254762 154
7 80 Catherine Maier Yakima, WA 33:19:00 210229 156 Rad Racing Nw/Hagens Berman
8 75 Claire DeVoe Portland, OR 33:29:00 331122 155 Multnomah Athletic Club
9 70 Annika Johannesen Bend, OR 34:35:00 330212 152
10 65 Allison Ross Anchorage, AK 35:12:00 330518 164
11 60 Sierra Reid Portland, OR 39:53:00 220306 162
12 55 Kara Doescher Corvallis, OR 40:03:00 330674 157
13 50 Hannah Hart Washougal, WA @1Lap 331672 165
DNS 0 Grace Alexander Boise, ID DNS 251513 153 Byrds