It’s not all custom frames at NAHBS. There are also a host of new products launched around the show, like the shifting solutions we’ve featured from Gevenalle and Wolf Tooth and Lindarets. Another popular product often first spotted at NAHBS are new tires, particularly for the gravel and all-road crowd, and the 2016 show is no different. Handmade gravel and cyclocross bikes need to roll on something, right? The high-volume gravel tire segment is one of the hottest areas right now, and just last week we profiled the Schwalbe G-One tubeless gravel tire and got a first look at the Challenge Gravel Grinder open tubular. Take a look at some of the new gravel and cyclocross tires, many of which are tubeless, we spotted below.

Clement has long hinted at soon-to-be-released tubeless offerings, and we got a sneak peek at the Clement’s new products last year at Sea Otter. At NAHBS 2016, we’re seeing some of those tires in the flesh. The Xplor MSO is a 36c tubeless gravel tire, a first for the company and a new width for the tread. They’ve also come out with a new mud tire for cyclocross. The BOS features a very aggressive tread and will be offered in tubeless and non-tubeless options. The tread looks to be a longer-wearing option than the other mud tread, the thinner knob, mud-shedding PDX. Clement also has a 32c Strada USH, a narrow gravel or dirt road tire that is tubeless and looks like a fast roller.

SimWorks has a new tire out called The Homage. It comes in a green tread with skin sidewall, an homage to the Michelin Wildgripper and Mud tires, with black tread and black or brown sidewalls as an option. As a 43c tire that comes in 650b or 700c it’s likely to prove popular with the gravel crowd.

New from Maxxis is the 40c Rambler gravel tire with a bit more aggressive tread than the typical gravel tire. It comes in two levels, both $64, and both with carbon fiber bead, similar to the old silver Hutchinson cyclocross tires. The 60tpi version features Maxxis’ Silk Shield puncture protection and is listed at 435g, while 120 tpi version features the EXO puncture protection and is listed at 390g. Both are tubeless ready.

Panaracer has a new width of their Gravel King out. The new 35c will offer a narrower, likely faster rolling option to those who like the 40c version. They are also launching a 28c version of their Tubeless Race road tires, which could be useful for smoother dirt and gravel rides.

There’s a new Kenda offering too, the Flintridge Pro. It’s a 40c tubeless offering that weighs 491 grams.

Finally, in the category of “why didn’t we think of that?” there’s a new tire-related item from Boyd. Boyd has invented a bigger “wingnut” to give you more leverage on your tubeless valve when you need to remove it roadside.

These are just some of the new offerings spotted at NAHBS. Stay tuned for more show coverage.

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Clement Xplor MSO 36c tubeless will be Clement's first tubeless gravel tire. Coming soon, $75. New gravel and cyclocross tires, NAHBS 2016. © Cyclocross Magazine

Clement Xplor MSO 36c tubeless will be Clement’s first tubeless gravel tire. Coming soon, $75. New gravel and cyclocross tires, NAHBS 2016. © Cyclocross Magazine

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