by Stephanie Chase

There are tricks, there are treats, and for the fourth round of the NACT series in Colorado this weekend, the weather is planning to play the biggest trick off all (or a treat, depending on who you talk to). With the eight inches of wet snow that has already arrived, course organizers have decided to move Sunday’s race from Harlow Platts Park to the Boulder Reservoir. But the magnitude of the weather matches the magnitude of riders coming to Boulder and Longmont. Katie Compton (Planet Bike) will make her 2009 NACT debut at the Blue Sky Velo Cup on Saturday and unfortunately for her competitors, Compton’s stars and stripes jersey isn’t just a costume. Compton is currently leading – no, dominating – the UCI standings. But some of her toughest competition has come from the Luna Chix and both Georgia Gould and Alison Dunlap are ready to give Compton a run for her money. With series leader Natasha Elliott and second place Sue Butler absent, Dunlap who is currently in fourth overall in the NACT standings, could be posed to move up.

While Compton’s presence may shake up the women’s standings, the Cannondale/ men’s team will be looking to solidify their hold over the top spots in the series. The only question is which one of the trio Tim Johnson, Jeremy Powers or Jamey Driscoll, will be slipping into the red jersey.  The current order is Johnson, Driscoll and Powers in second, third and fourth. Bissell’s Andy Jacques-Maybes in fifth is the next closest contender but with Powers nearly fifty points ahead of Jacques-Maynes, the top spots look to be Cannondale’s for the taking.

Despite the venue change, the racing schedule for Sunday remains the same. For current information, please visit our Twitter page or NACT website. More information about the races can be found at Blue Sky Velo Cup and Boulder Cup.