Gravel events are now reaching new heights in popularity, but racing on unpaved roads has been a mainstay in Colorado at the Boulder Roubaix for three decades now.

First held in 1990, the mixed-surface race started as a local tribute to the Paris-Roubaix. Every other year the Colorado version is held a week before the famed race in France.

Like its European namesake, the Boulder Roubaix features a mix of pavement and dirt roads. In the case of the U.S. version, the pavé of France is replaced by the dirt and gravel roads north of Boulder.

The course is an 18-mile loop with surfaces that are about 40 percent pavement and 60 percent gravel and dirt. As a USAC-sanctioned event, it includes categories for racers of all ages and abilities, and payouts totaled $2,000 for the Elite Women and Men’s races.

The 2019 Boulder Roubaix mixed-surface race took place last weekend. photo: courtesy

The 2019 Boulder Roubaix mixed-surface race took place last weekend. photo: courtesy

The Race

This year’s semi-annual Boulder Roubaix took place on Saturday.

The Elite Women’s race was won by Jennifer Valente (SHO-AIR Twenty20), who finished 16 seconds ahead of second. Gwen Inglis (Stages Cycling) finished second and Lauren De Crescenzo (DNA Pro Cycling) third. Rachel Plessing (ALP Cycles Racing) and Holly Breck (Go Fast – Incycle) rounded out the wide-angle podium.

Colby Lange (Wildlife Generation p/b Maxxis) took top honors in the Elite Men’s race. Colin Strickland (Meteor x Giordana x Allied) took him to the line and finished second. Kevin Girkins rounded out the podium in third. Samuel Grove and Jake Magee rounded out the wide-angle podium.

Results for all categories can be seen can be seen here.

Results for the Elite races are below.

Elite Women's Results: 2019 Boulder Roubaix

1Jennifer ValenteUCI WPT: Sho-Air TWENTY202:44:16
2Gwen InglisStages Cycling2:44:32
3Lauren De CrescenzoDNA Pro Cycling Team2:44:7
4Rachel PlessingALP Cycles Racing2:44:49
5Holly BreckGo Fast - Incycle2:44:50
6Julie Emmerman2:44:50
7Kristina VrouwenvelderALP Cycles Racing2:44:53
8Meredith Miller2:45:05
9Anna Dorovskikh2:45:15
10Claudia BehringALP Cycles Racing2:45:52
11Emily JordanOrion Racing2:45:53
12Michelle HenryPoint S Auto p/b Nokian Tyres2:47:10
13Abigail MickeyUCI WPT: Rally UHC Cycling2:47:30
14Emily HoutchensOrion Racing p/b Borah Teamwear2:48:24
15Cari Higgins2:49:22
16Cory PopovichALP Cycles Racing2:49:49
17Erica ClevengerUCI WPT: Sho-Air TWENTY202:51:07
18Ashley KingOrion Racing3:08:30
DNFOlivia CumminsMelton Design Build/Cari Higgins Real Estate

Elite Men's Results: 2019 Boulder Roubaix

1Colby LangeUCI CT: Wildlife Generation p/b Maxxis2:57:55.05
2Colin Strickland2:57:55.05
3Kevin Girkins3:02:19.08
4Samuel (Hunter) Grove3:03:04.06
5Jake Magee3:03:04.07
6Isaiah NewkirkUCI CT: 303 Project3:03:04.09
7Andrew ClemenceCZ Racing3:03:15.10
8James ReadHighline Racing3:05:22.09
9Jared ScottLUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized3:05:23.02
10David Almanzan3:05:25.05
11Thomas HermanGroove Subaru Excel Sports3:05:25.09
12Jameson RibbensTeam Rio Grande3:05:44.07
13Tyler Butterfield3:05:46.10
14Yanick Ekmann3:05:57.02
15Andrew LevittGroove Subaru Excel Sports3:09:49.05
16Jayson JacobsFAVE3:12:45.10
17Lucas MarshallBlack Swift / Cycleton Cycling Team3:12:46.01
18Maxx ChanceUCI CT: Wildlife Generation p/b Maxxis3:17:37.08
19Zack AllisonClif Bar Development Cross Team3:18:08.04
20Gabriel MurrayNCCP/ 1st City Cycling Team3:18:48.10
21Daniel CrespoFAVE3:20:18.00
22Henry YorkTeam Rio Grande3:20:18.04
23Juan CortesGroove Subaru Excel Sports3:20:27.10
24Sam ReddingGroove Subaru Excel Sports3:20:28.02
25John Hain3:25:39.09
26Melvin Barrios3:32:05.06
27Trevor Connor3:32:19.07
28Andrew WheelerFull Send Racing3:33:00.03
29Chris WoodPrimal-Audi Denver3:33:42.06
30Jiri Senkyrik3:33:42.08
31Samuel BoardmanWildlife Generation Pro Cycling Team p/b Maxxis3:33:44.00
32Michael Hanna3:33:48.00
33Adam FarabaughSupport Clean Sport / SeaSucker / Guttenplan CoachingLAP
34Scott PiercefieldFull Send Racing p/b Elevation CyclesLAP
35Conor MullervyLAP
36Andrew BernsteinLong Tail Creative Track TeamLAP
37Kevin SelkerGroove Subaru Excel SportsLAP
38William GavatoLAP
39William DuganLAP
40Kevin MullervyLAP
41John CroomLAP
42Riley BurgonReynolds Roofing RacingLAP
43Michael RostPrimal-Audi DenverLAP
DNFGabriel Antonio Baca SotoUCI CT: 303 Project
DNFAidan Coats-BallaseuxAbove and Beyond Cancer p/b Scheels
DNFJosh DireenGroove Subaru Excel Sports
DNFJohn HerrickProject Supertraining
DNFBlake Romine
DNFSpencer MartinGroove Subaru Excel Sports