I came home Monday afternoon after reconnecting with a woman that I taught with in my last full-time teaching gig. It was a nice connection that reminded me of one of life’s joys: sharing fond memories with important people in your life. I felt lucky.

Unfortunately, that feeling didn’t last long. When I came home, I turned on CNN only to hear that there had been another mass shooting in Boulder, a mere 13 miles from my house. I’m heartsick.


No matter how many of these incidents happen, and they happen with increasing frequency these days, my shock and sadness never seem to lessen, and I’m sure many of you feel the same. I taught less than five miles from Columbine when the shooting occurred there. We all thought that it was an anomaly, a one-off. Guess what? You know the harsh truth now. We’ve had to experience far too much of this, with no real action by leaders in power.

Why am I writing this on a site dedicated to the forms of cycling that are supposed to bring joy and balance to our lives? That’s precisely why. I need something to lessen the heaviness I’ve felt since Monday evening, and no matter how high I elevate my heart rate, how long or how far I ride, I simply can’t escape it anymore.

A rider spends some time solo. 2017 Three Peaks Cyclocross. © D. Monaghan / Cyclocross Magazine

Even a long epic adventure can’t ease the pain by this week’s news for Lee Waldman. photo: 2017 Three Peaks Cyclocross. © D. Monaghan / Cyclocross Magazine

As you head out for your ride today, or enter your pain cave, take a moment and appreciate the fact that you still can. There are 10 people here in Colorado who don’t have that choice any longer.

I didn’t have to be that way.

Thanks for reading. I need some energy today.

Have a great ride.

Featured creative commons image by Nicolas Raymond.