Now that Sven Nys sampled all that is SSCXWC (except for the title ink), there’s photo evidence of the event having jumped the shark and creating a void for spirited, costumed cyclocross championships for the chubbier, slower but tireless folk out there.

Just in time, the Santa Claus Cyclocross World Championships (we’ll call this the SCCXWC) fills this void and gives the underappreciated, ever-giving Santa Crosser some time in the sun.

The championships were held in Glengorm Castle on the Isle of Mull in Scotland on December 11.

Rumor has it that the qualification’s Feats of Strength included competitive cookie eating and milk drinking, reciting all the reindeer’s names, and pulling a sleigh through the mud.

Several heats were held, seen in the videos posted by trumpton below. Despite the holiday spirit and jolly cheer, we’d recommend listening with the sound off. It’s quite windy at the North Pole.

2016 Santa Claus Cyclocross World Championships Videos: