Moots Ti Sticks, because we all need more cowbell.

Moots Ti Sticks, because we all need more cowbell.

Moots has once again released their “Ti Sticks” (exactly what it sounds like: a serious noisemaker for a serious cyclocross fan), and this year, the proceeds from the sales will go to support flood recovery efforts in Colorado.

From Moots:

Over the past few years we have built our “Moots Ti Sticks” each Cyclocross season so you can cheer on your favorite racer. 100% of the proceeds go to an organization that we like to support, each of those years we raise about three thousand dollars from our version of a “cow bell”.   In the past the recipients have been IMBA and Bicycle Colorado. Both, very worthy organizations that do some great work on international levels and state levels.

This year we are ready and set to sell the 2013 limited batch of oversized Ti Sticks with 100% of the proceeds going to The Great Colorado Flood Relief. As you may or may not know the front range of Colorado was ravaged by a massive flooding event this past September. We have many cycling brethren that live in the areas affected and we’d like to help. The flood devastated everything in its path; favorite road rides, businesses, homes and farms that raise our food were wiped away. So this year we are proud to announce that all of the proceeds from our Ti Stick sales will go to Colorado Flood Relief.

Moots “Ti Sticks” are made from drops or scraps that cannot be used to build bikes. Normally we recycle our drops, but for the Ti Sticks we save some choice drops and donate our time to weld and finish them by hand right along with our frames, stems and seat posts. It’s a labor of love for a cause.

The Ti Sticks this year are unlike the other batches we have sold. They are all oversized, some with a gentle curve in them, but all bearing the Colorado Flood Relief iconic sticker to make them even more special. Tie in the fact that Cyclocross Nationals are in Boulder in January, this makes them even more meaningful to us.

We have a very limited number of these this year and when they are gone, they are gone. Be part of a great cause, help out your fellow humans and get your cowbell on. Because like they say……”I NEED MORE COWBELL”!!!

This is a limited edition run of Ti sticks with only 31 available for sale on the Moots website. This is a great stocking stuffer for the cyclocrosser in your life, and if you still need more gift ideas, be sure to check out our gift guide as well!