In part one of a two-part double feature, Behind THE Barriers delves into the life of one of the most unique personalities in cyclocross today. While he may not yet be a household name, you’d probably recognize JAM Fund/NCC’s Anthony Clark, even if you didn’t know exactly who he was. Your first clue would be to listen for the “Sick!” and “What!” floating across cyclocross courses around New England. Clark was discovered by Jeremy Powers one day, riding in cut-off shorts and on flat pedals, but keeping up with the 2012 National Cyclocross Champion on one of the Pioneer Valley’s most challenging climbs. Anthony Clark is so much more than a talented bike racer, and it’s his unique life that sets him apart in cyclocross. This week, we look at Anthony’s race in Sterling, Massachusetts, and look at what sets Anthony apart. Don’t miss next week, when we look at what Anthony’s life is like off his bike!