It’s Black Friday. While we’d much rather be riding our bikes instead of fighting crowds and waiting in long lines while shopping, it is officially the start of the holiday shopping season. And since it is the season for giving, here at Cyclocross Magazine HQ, our heads are full of fun holiday gift ideas for any budget, for any kind of cyclocross racer, fan or cyclist under the sun, and some can be taken care of right from the device you’re reading this on. So, what are you waiting for? Snag the holeshot, get it done and enjoy the rest of the season knowing your intervals are done! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or More Cowbell Day, we’ve got some great gift ideas for your cycling friends (or yourself).

But first, some general advice, coming from a few cyclists who have given and received plenty of cycling-related gifts over the years: Sometimes the best gifts are not necessarily the best values, but rather luxurious items that will be used but that the budget-aware cyclist may not purchase for him or herself when there are more affordable options. In other words, bargain basement socks may not excite the cyclist in your life, but a sweet, long-lasting pair of premium CXM Swiftwick socks (“the best you’ll ever wear”) should. The other type of gifts that are great? The small everyday items that you can never have enough of, and are often misplaced, like multi-tools and mini-pumps. We’d be happiest if we owned one set for every bike in the quiver.

We also don’t recommend buying an item that comes in so many variations, dramatically impacts performance and safety, and is subject to such strong personal opinions, superstitions and experience that you’re unlikely to guess it right without asking. The perfect example of this is tires. Unless you know what’s best for them, or what they swear by, leave cyclocross tire choice (tubular, tubeless or clincher) to the riders.

Note: Unlike most magazine gift guides, Cyclocross Magazine does not charge a fee to be included in gift guides in order to maintain complete editorial control over it.

Manufacturers and artisans: Got something you think is the perfect gift for a cyclocrosser? Send it to us ASAP. Everything in our gift guide is tested before it’s included as a recommended gift. We’ll have at least one more.

Hint: If one of suggestions captures your fancy, share the page on Facebook or Twitter. If you’re lucky, someone feeling generous might be watching (in addition to observing whether you’ve been naughty or nice).

Enough talk already. Here’s Part 1 of our gift guide for cyclocrossers and cyclists below—nine of our best ideas for you to buy for loved ones (or yourself. We won’t tell!). And keep in mind, this is only part one, so check back soon for Part 2!

christmas tree

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