Mo Bruno Roy, finding love with SSCX. © Andrew Reimann

Mo Bruno Roy, finding love with SSCX. © Andrew Reimann

The Nationals in Austin, Texas marked Mo Bruno Roy’s 301st career cyclocross race. When we caught up to her husband, Matt, he disclosed an interesting fact about all of these races: She DNF’d in only two. Mo Bruno Roy has made a career out of not quitting what she sets out to begin. Just as astonishing, she took a career 41 wins and stood on over 100 podiums: over a third of all the races she entered.

For the racer who doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit, her announcement today detailing her retirement must have been a hard decision to arrive at.

We here at Cyclocross Magazine have felt privileged covering such an inspirational athlete, from reporting on her Singlespeed National Championships to her victory at SSCXWC, and an Elite career filled with World Cups and two World Championships.

In leaving the world of professional cyclocross, Mo Bruno Roy said, “I look forward to sharing my experience with others, continuing to work with the Amy D. Foundation and supporting women’s cycling. I’m excited to spend more time with family and friends, and focus on cultivating my muscular therapy and yoga business.”

She said this was not a full departure from the cycling community, however. We will likely see her friendly face at many of the events that she has been a part of over the years, and she even teased us with the possibility of getting on her singlespeed bike a few times this season.

We wish her success and happiness in her future work, and thank her for all of her hard work growing the sport of cyclocross.

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