In a dramatic upset of the pre-race favorites based on the Qiansen Trophy race results in Yanqing, Swiss cyclocross and mountain bike racer Marcel Wildhaber took a commanding win at the second UCI race in China. Wildhaber followed Australian National Champion Chris Jongewaard to leave the pre-race favorites of Belgian teammates Rob Peeters and Jens Adams in their dust, literally and figuratively.

With dry, warm conditions on a fast, hilly course, Jongewaard wasted no time taking advantage of his holeshot, and with only Wildhaber in tow, he stretched out an small gap to seven seconds over the Belgians after one pass of the 63-turn lap. The gap over the Belgians would only grow with each lap, and Yanqing winner Peeters would never factor, fading to eighth, behind long-retired Thijs Al.

After just two laps, it quickly became apparent that the second stop of the 2016 Qiansen Trophy UCI cyclocross races would be a two-man race. On the third lap, Wildhaber gapped Jongewaard, and while the Australian would chase valiantly, he would never reconnect, losing precious seconds each lap.

Wildhaber leading Jongewaard on lap two. Qiansen Trophy 2016 Fengtai Changxindian Results Men's Elite. © R. Riott / Cyclocross Magazine

Wildhaber leading Jongewaard on lap two. Qiansen Trophy 2016 Fengtai Changxindian Results Men’s Elite. © R. Riott / Cyclocross Magazine

Two Americans once again cracked the top ten, with Eric Thompson again leading the U.S. crew, finishing the day in ninth just behind Peeters, with Sam O’Keefe in tenth.

Stay tuned for a full report, photos, and results from the ground in Fengtai Changxindian, China.

2016 Qiansen Trophy Race #2 UCI Cyclocross Results - Men - Fengtai Changxindian

12WILDHABER Marcel32SUI1:01:20.247+0:00.000
26JONGEWAARD Chris38AUS1:01:43.179+0:22.932
32ADAMS Jens25BEL1:02:10.713+0:50.466
410WILDHABER Michael27SUI1:02:31.216+1:10.969
514JANSEN Richard22NED1:02:35.086+1:14.839
69MAEDA Kohei23JPN1:02:35.518+1:15.271
78AL Thijs37NED1:03:02.863+1:42 .616
81PEETERS Rob32BEL1:03:16.147+1:55.900
916THOMPSON Eric28USA1:03:21.137+2:00.890
1017O'KEEFE Sam23USA1:04:22.337+3:02.090
1112LEWIS Shaun31AUSl:04:22.97S+3:02.728
1219FISHER Steve27USA1:04:32.624+3:12.377
1320JUDELSON Max30USA1:04:32.727+3:12.480
144KOSAKA Hikaru29JPN1:04:55.742+3:35.495
1521BAUER Josh27USA1:05:10.422+3:50.175
1618MUIZNIEKS Oskars28LAT1:05:26.487+4:06.240
1761ANDRESEN Andreas Lund19DEN1:05:31.963+4:11.716
1815REDENBACH Paul39AUS1:05:38.906+4:18.659
1928DE MEYER, Senne21BEL1:05:48.126+4:27.879
/2029GRANT Martin30GBR1:05:56.968+4:36.721
2125THUS, Wim19BEL1:06:05.935+4:45.688
2226BUTZOW Phillip30LUX1:06:35.343+5:15.096
2311HEKELE Emil40CZE-Lap 1
2424NIETERS Jared40USA-Lap 1
257BIANCO Marco35!TA-Lap 1
2623ODA Hijiri19JPN-Lap 1
2738HOWSON Michael31AUS-Lap 1
2822REARDON Andrew35USA-Lap2
2932MADGWICK James21GBR-Lap2
3027CUSWORT H Steven30AUS-Lap2
3135BISHOP Simon40AUS-Lap2
3259OTIENDER Sten Erik21EST-Lap2
3339HALL Gary42NZL-Lap2
3413KOSAKA Masanori54JPN-Lap3
3537OBRIST Fabian26SUI-Lap3
3648BREZINA Petr33CZE-Lap4
3733SNOVEL Aaron25USA-lap4
3851IKEMOTO Shinya39JPN-lap4
3942MATSUMOTO Shun41JPN-Lap4
4044GUD SKJS Eimantas25LTU-Lap4
4146MERSCH Patrick27LUX-Lap4
4250VIMBA Henrijs25LAT-Lap5
4336KALER Marshall31USA-Lap5
4443Scon Adrian38AUS-Lap5
4552KYBURZ Michael Lukas28SUI-Lap5
4645WARREN Dan37NZL-Lap5
4734VYKYDAL Jaroslav39CZE-Lap5
4853DICKSON Angus25AUS-Lap5
4954SAITOH Takuma20JPN-Lap5
    58     MCNAMARA, Matthew48USA-Lap5
5155SARKANS Raivis22LAT-Lap5
5256FUJITA Takumi20JPN-Lap6
5349WERTS Travis41USA-Lap6
5457TIETZ Martin39GER-Lap6
5540MANIKAS Domas27LTU-Lap6
5662MUHL Sandro32SUI-Lap6
5730SCHAFFNER Nicholas35USA-Lap6