Fort Wayne in Detroit

Fort Wayne in Detroit

On Saturday, October 17th cyclists will literally be storming the walls of Historic Fort Wayne in Detroit, with the first edition of the “Mad Anthony Cyclocross Race” to be held on the grounds of the fort.  Named for General Anthony Wayne, whose fiery personality earned him the nickname “Mad Anthony”, the race marks the first time since 2005 that a USA Cycling sanctioned event has been held in the City of Detroit.

The grassy fields, service roads and old cobblestone paths of the circa 1845 fort will serve as a perfect venue for this event. In Michigan the sport has a dedicated and growing following, with over 400 people competing at events each weekend during the cyclocross season, which runs from late September to early December.  Races are usually held in local parks.  The Mad Anthony race will be the first in Michigan to be held at a de-commissioned U.S. Army fort, making the event one of a kind.

The event will be run under the direction of the Detroit Department of Recreation and the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition.  Promoters of the race include Midwest Cycling Group, the Racing Greyhounds Cycling Club, BeatTheTrain Cycling Club and Trails-Edge Bicycle Shop.

The event will start with one hour clinic on cyclocross racing and techniques.  Any beginner cyclists who are interested in learning more about the sport are encouraged to attend.  The clinic will take place from 9am-10am at the star fort parade ground.  Racing starts at 1030am.

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Or contact the race director, Joe Lekovish at [email protected]

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