San Francisco, CA. (October 14, 2009)- Doc Martin’s of Maui, creator of the completely new derma-bond technology that is behind the most rigorously tested, highest performance sun screen ever created, announced today their official sponsorship of Christine “Peanut” Vardaros.  Christine is a professional cyclist on the Zannata-Champion System Pro Cycling Team and an internationally renowned sports/fitness journalist and columnist.  Christine has been an advocate of Doc Martin’s of Maui sunscreen for some time and is delighted to formalize her support and be a part of getting this great product into the hands of more athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, families and kids.  She is already off to a great start, posting solid finishes in the first round of the World Cup and GVA Trofee series events.

Christine, who spends hours at a time out on her bike in all conditions, says she “is thrilled to be partnered with Doc Martin’s because it has staying power.”  The sunscreen was developed by George “Doc” Martin M.D.  A highly respected Maui dermatologist and avid surfer and cyclist who spent two decades developing a sunblock that performs under the conditions associated with extreme endurance sports. Research, product development, and collaboration with professional athletes have resulted in the most significant advances in sunscreen technology in recent years.  Doc Martin’s unique derma-bond technology binds directly to the skin creating an armor coating of protection from the sun.  For Christine, this makes Doc Martin’s an essential part of her race gear.  “I have used it during five-hour rides in Belgium’s notoriously foul weather… five-hour rides in France’s blazing sun and even all-day outdoor barbeques.  Once it’s on, it stays on,” explains Christine.

Until recently Doc Martin’s of Maui has served a small but committed cult following of people from athletes to skin cancer survivors.  It has only been available on-line or in Maui where “Doc” Martin lives with his family.  The growing popularity of the brand and increased awareness of the dangers of skin cancer has prompted “Doc” Martin to grow the company and make the benefits of Doc Martin’s available to all.  He is doing this in partnership with Akel Ventures, San Francisco based brand and business development firm and anticipates that the product will be widely available by the early part of 2010.

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