Saturday’s Barry-Roubaix gravel race Barry-Roubaix gravel race in Hastings, Michigan had some killer close finishes.

Although the event has had a 100-mile distance for the last two years, the marquee race is the 62-miler. There was a bit of cash on the line, with $1,200 going to the top woman and man and payouts totaling $12,000.

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Both Open races came down to the line.

In the Women’s race, Kae Takeshita (Panaracer / Factor p/b Bicycle X-Change) edged out Emma Swartz (Trek Factory Racing CX) to get the win. Mary Penta finished third, Allison Schroeder (PSIMET Racing) fourth and Susan Vigland (Hagerty Cycling Team) fifth.

For the third straight year Mat Stephens (Panaracer / Factor p/b Bicycle X-Change) came out on top in the Open Men’s race. He beat Thomas Humphreys (Foundation CCB), who finished with the same time. Vitor Succo Schizzi (Foundation CCB) finished third, Ben Schmutte (First Internet Bank Cycling) fourth and John Borstelmann (Panaracer / Factor p/b Bicycle X-Change) fifth.

The 100-mile winners were Dianna Rieger-Roberts (Spokes) for the women and Michael Simonson (3T / Q+M) for the men.

Top 50 finishers in the 62-mile race are below.

Results for all distances are available here.

Featured image: Rob Meendering

Women's Top 50: 2019 Barry-Roubaix

1Kae Takeshita3:10:14
2Emma Swartz3:10:14
3Mary Penta3:14:07
4Allison Schroeder3:18:59
5Susan Vigland3:24:19
6Jen Toops3:24:37
7Laura Aykroyd3:27:08
8Keri Pawlelski3:27:39
9Julie Momber3:32:38
10Courtney Tanner3:33:17
11Megan Doerr3:35:05
12Mary Reichardt3:35:46
13Amy White3:36:37
14Lauren Wiscomb3:39:06
15Melissa Hiller3:42:20
16Tara Jansen3:43:55
17Wendy Zamzowblumerick3:46:49
18Dori Leib3:49:22
19Kelly Kowalczyk3:50:41
20Laura Alagna3:51:5
21Suzanne Bessette3:51:53
22May Tsupros3:54:04
23Natlie Hirdes3:56:44
24Jenny White3:56:44
25Angela Graziosi3:56:58
26Carolina Rodriguez-Belson3:59:51
27Jill Gorkowski4:01:02
28Amber Underwood4:01:05
29Jennifer Jones4:01:32
30Rachel Majors4:01:47
31Heather Kluch4:02:09
32Jillian Carr4:02:26
33Allison Zmuda4:03:21
34Jill White4:04:22
35Kristi Neeld4:04:54
36Charlotte Erickson4:04:58
37Cayce Cantrell4:05:39
38Elise Coon4:06:29
39Linday Freeborn4:06:34
40Melissa Zammit4:06:44
41Katherine Graham4:07:52
42Molly Birt4:08:24
43Stephany Masini4:09:39
44Jessia Grenwis4:10:18
45Rachel Kimbel4:14:52
46Anna Henschel4:18:30
47Denise Karlin4:18:32
48Haley Engle4:21:27
49Heather Arlinghaus4:21:44
50Cecilia Brunetti4:22:31

Men's Top 50: 2019 Barry-Roubaix

1Mat Stephens2:44:04
2Thomas Humphreys2:44:04
3Vitor Zucco Schizzi2:44:07
4Ben Schmutte2:44:13
5John Borstelmann2:44:22
6Nolan Vanderzwaag2:44:24
7Tim Mitchell2:44:24
8Cole House2:44:25
9Caleb Swartz2:44:26
10Ryan Petry2:44:26
11Michael Sencenbaugh2:44:26
12Scotty Albaugh2:44:28
13Johnny Mitchell2:44:29
14Drew Dillman2:44:30
15Timothy Rugg2:46:8
16Jarret Oldham2:50:58
17Rob Bell2:51:05
18Sam Lear2:51:05
19Benjamin Renkema2:51:06
20Aaron Beebe2:51:06
21Merv Davis2:51:06
22Alex Tenelshof2:51:06
23Gerald Adasavage2:51:07
24Mark Kransz2:51:07
25Chris Young2:51:08
26Travis Iles2:51:08
27Daniel Yankus2:51:08
28Rory Jack2:51:09
29Andrew Boissiere2:51:10
30Chris Uberti2:51:19
31Sam Junge2:53:05
32Joel Poliskey2:53:59
33Nate Williams2:54:00
34Ben Wright2:54:54
35Ruben Bacon2:55:18
36Rick Wetherald2:55:50
37Thomas Kehrer2:55:51
38Aaron Cruikshank2:55:54
39Ryan Cross2:56:05
40Benjamin Cook2:57:02
41Keegan Korienek2:57:02
42Early Hillaker2:57:53
43Ross Tuneberg2:58:06
44Dan Kannegleter2:58:07
45Jeff Schiller2:58:11
46Bobby Munro2:58:18
47Chris Pollett2:58:19
48Jeffery Johnson Alexander2:58:20
49Andrew Welland2:58:23
50Joshua Smith2:58:24