The ‘cross movie producers keep getting younger and younger. First 18-year-old Evan Schmitt, now 14-year-old Andy Frothingham. We’re betting the next ‘cross movie will come from a kid still using training wheels. No matter to us, it’s all good. See Frothingham’s press release on his new cx movie below:

Young Filmmaker Releases First Cyclocross Movie on the Web

BOULDER, CO _ Andy Frothingham, a 14-year-old student at Boulder’s Fairview High School, is releasing a 40-minute cyclocross movie on his Web site,

[vimeo 1448517 400 302]

Little Belgium features race action from seven New England cyclocross races from the 2007 ‘cross season. The movie includes exciting action and interviews with top pros including Tim Johnson, Jesse Anthony, Jeremy Powers, Lynne Bessette, Mark McCormack, Rebecca Wellons, Anna Milkowski and Adam Myerson. It also features an interview with frame builder Mike Zanconato. The footage was compiled at races including the Grand Prix of Gloucester, the Chainbiter 9.0 in Farmington, Conn., the Cycle-Smart International in Northampton,Mass., the Bay State Cyclocross in Sterling, Mass., and the NBX and WE Stedman races in Warwick, R.I.

The movie is available for free full-length viewing at Donations can also be made from the site.