Meredith Miller was the top American in Tabor. © Joe Sales

Meredith Miller was the top American in Tabor. © Joe Sales

Cyclocross Magazine’s coverage of the World Championships in Tabor isn’t over yet.  Staff members have been scouring the interwebs for anything ‘cross related, just to keep the season alive a little longer. CXM has been virtually attached to phones, pdas and laptops searching for each little bit of information coming from your favorite racers. So here are some of the tweets and posts, quotes and quips from some of the top ‘cross racers in the world – along with some commentary from the very tired but still caffeine-buzzing staff.  And in case you missed it, you can replay our live coverage from Saturday and Sunday and find all of our reports and photos in our 2010 Tabor Cyclocross Worlds Coverage Center.

Tim Johnson (Cannondale/, 14th place in Tabor):

“Listening to Richard Fries’ dress rehearsal for L’Ville Worlds…great job, can imagine some jaws were dropping and heads a’tilting to the side.”  Long-time American cyclocross announcer Fries got the call-up to emcee the show in Tabor. Sounds like TJ’s planning on being with us a little longer at least.

“Gooooood morning Tabor. My alarm clock was beaten to the punch by UCI dudes sucking blood outta my arm. Merci buckets.”  And you thought your alarm was tough to deal with.

After the race, Johnson let all the supporters out there know that he appreciated the effort. “Done and done! Moved up as I could, had hoped to hit top-10…almost. Course was nuts, thanks for the yelling here, tweets and good vibes!”

Amy Dombroski (Luna, 14th place in Tabor):

“12 hours and 7 minutes til kick-off…lights off now, lights bright tomorrow…like a flippin shooting star on acid.” There’s a level of excitement not often seen.

“Dun, done. Mega race today- THANK you all for ALL the support and g’luck wishes, I pedaled a pedal stroke for everyone.” In addition to being a badass on the ‘cross course, Amy D has quite the flair for writing. Here’s hoping we can keep her contributing posts to CXM!

Jonathan Page (Planet Bike, 30th place in Tabor):

“Bad luck AGAIN! I am pretty disappointed but have come to realize that it seems to follow me! On lap 2 my chain got caught between the crank and the chainrings. I could NOT get it out. Then had an open front quick release, so had to stop again. Tried to make up time by taking risks and only ended up crashing. Not my day. Sorry all…” Heads hit laptops across the world when that chain jammed.  We’re frustrated FOR you JP!

Laura Van Gilder (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes, 31st place in Tabor)

“Epic race. The well-wishes helped keep the fire burning. It was an honor to represent the US, already looking forward to next ‘cross season to build the skills. Thanks everyone.I’m beginning to sense a theme here. Shouldn’t we be thanking them?

Ryan Trebon (Kona/FSA, 50th in Tabor):

“Hopefully I can finish more than two laps tomorrow, unlike last year. I’ll be on the look out for low flying objects.” Those aren’t low-flying objects to the rest of us, Treefarm.

Jeremy Powers (Cannondale/, 41st place in Tabor):

“Ahh last race of season looms…Proud to be able to represent the USA tomorrow at the world championships & can’t wait til 2013 in the USA!” Louisville has no idea what’s headed it’s way, does it?


“Yannick Eckmann snags 14th today at World’s in Tabor! Other ECXC Alum finishes: Zach McDonald & Danny Summerhill in the top end of the bracket at 28th and 29th, respectively, Cody Kaiser 33rd, Chris Wallace 39th, Jeff Bahnson 44th, Skyler Trujillo 53rd & Matt Spinks 57th.  No, this isn’t from a racer, what can we say, Yannick and the rest of the young ‘uns deserved a mention.

Marianne Vos (Nederland-Bloeit, World Champion (Duh!)):

“Blue – Red – Black – Yellow – Green, is all I can think about right now… No I’m not drunk, I’m just really happy with my new rainbow jersey!” One of the fastest bike racers in the world is also one of the most humble.  Congratulations Marianne!

Meredith Miller (Cal-Giant Berry Farms, 12th place in Tabor):

“Keep my arms relaxed. Keep my arms relaxed. Keep my arms relaxed. Pedal, pedal, pedal.” I can’t think that clearly during the local practice.

“Fantastic day in Tábor! Congrats to Marianne Vos for a stellar ride!! Just outside of the top 10 for myself. First CX worlds so I’m happy!!” Yeah…we guess that’s acceptable for a first stab.

Sanne van Paassen (, 9th place in Tabor):

“Not good enough at this beautiful parcours to excel. Jammer, became 9th. But still three races left this season with the chance to score!” We have no idea what Jammer means either.