Noted jokester Geoff Kabush had some fun during Wout van Aert’s big week at the Criterium du Dauphine two weeks ago after the three-time cyclocross world champion joined his rival Mathieu van der Poel in winning WorldTour stages.

It turns out that some of that cyclocross to road crossover success extends to the U.S. as well.

After racing at the Dirty Kanza, Lance Haidet, Gage Hecht and Cade Bickmore and their Aevolo Cycling team headed to Hagerstown, Maryland for U23 Road Nationals. Hecht kicked off his weekend with a silver in Thursday’s Individual Time Trial.

Three weekends ago, Lance Haidet was at the Dirty Kanza 200. 2019 Dirty Kanza 200 Gravel Race. © Z. Schuster / Cyclocross Magazine

Three weekends ago, Lance Haidet was at the Dirty Kanza 200. 2019 Dirty Kanza 200 Gravel Race. © Z. Schuster / Cyclocross Magazine

On Friday, it was Lancy Pants’ turn to shine.

Early on in the U23 Road Race, Hecht and Spencer Petrov (CCB Racing) were involved in a crash, setting them back as they had to chase up to the peloton. Bickmore responded by attacking and went off the front solo.

Later, Bickmore was seen calling for the team car and dropped back, allowing a new selection of Haidet, Cameron Beard (Team Defferdange-Geba), Cooper Willsey (CCB Racing), Cole Davis (Hagens Berman Axeon), Riley Sheehan (Aevolo Cycling) and Hugo Scala Jr. (Gateway Devo Cycling / Gateway Harley Davidson) to form with one lap of the 32km course to go.

Haidet then attacked on a climb with 4km to the line and rode solo in solo to take the U23 National Championship.

“Being the U23 Cyclocross National Champion a few years ago was amazing so to do it again today on the road was awesome,” Haidet said to USAC after his win. “I am so happy with how today turned out and how my teammates rode for me. I knew on the climb with 4k to go was where I was going to make my move and I hit it as hard as I could. Heading into the last kilometer, I turned around and saw daylight and felt like I had the win.”

Lance Haidet is the U23 Men's Road National Champion. © Bruce Buckley / USA Cycling

Lance Haidet is the U23 Men’s Road National Champion. © Bruce Buckley / USA Cycling

Willsey finished second and Beard third to make it an all-cyclocross podium at U23 Road Nats.

Haidet’s previous U23 national championship came in 2017 when he won the snowy, icy, crazy race at Hartford Nationals. Willsey finished second in the Collegiate Club race at Louisville Nationals.

Full results are below.

U23 Men Results: 2019 Road Nationals

1619Lance HAIDETUCI CT: Aevolo Cycling Inc./UCI4:38:51
2605Cooper WILLSEYCCB Racing/CCB4:39:11
3590Cameron BEARDUCI CT: Team Defferdange-Geba/U4:39:11
4561Hugo SCALA JRGateway Devo Cycling /Gateway H4:39:12
5633Alex HOEHNUCI CT: Aevolo Cycling Inc./UCI4:39:44
6556Tate KOKUBOCCB4:40:04
7589Fischer MARISKelly Benefit Strategies Elite/4:40:04
8596Cole DAVISUCI PCT: Hagens Berman Axeon/UC4:40:09
9584Jack BARDIUnion Bay Cycling4:40:19
10608Scott MCGILLGateway Devo Cycling Team /4:40:19
11635Michael HERNANDEZUCI CT: Aevolo Cycling Inc./UCI4:40:20
12632Spencer PETROVCCB4:40:20
13570Andrew VOLLMERUCI CT: Aevolo Cycling Inc./UCI4:40:20
14577Chaz HOGENAUERTeam Rio Grande4:40:20
15641Keelan ONTIVEROSUnion Bay Cycling4:40:20
16576Ryan JASTRABUCI CT: Wildlife Generation p/b4:40:20
17551Ian GARRISONUCI PCT: Hagens Berman Axeon/UC4:40:20
18616Sean MCELROY4:40:20
19603Kyle SWANSONUCI CT: Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling4:40:20
20583Patton SIMSVelovit/Palmer Safety/601 Racin4:40:20
21564Davis ADAMSVelovit/Palmer Safety/601 Racin4:40:21
22591Finn GULLICKSONUCI CT: Wildlife Generation p/b4:40:21
23595Ruben BACONBissell/ABG Cycling Club4:40:21
24562Camden VODICKAUCI CT: Wildlife Generation p/b4:40:21
25648Simon JONESUCI CT: Interpro Cycling Academ4:40:21
26555Henry LUTZProject Echelon Racing/Project4:40:21
27610Gabriel MENDEZFoundation/Century Road Club As4:40:21
28601Eli HOUSEDash Racing/DASH RACING4:40:21
29642Erik HAMMERQUISTVelobody p/b Slocum/4:40:21
30609Ethan FRANKELSubaru Santa Monica Racing4:40:21
31623Liam FLANAGANLees-McRae College4:40:21
32588Tim MCBIRNEYTeam California/Team California4:40:21
33574Gage HECHTUCI CT: Aevolo Cycling Inc./UCI4:40:21
34593Edward ANDERSONUCI PCT: Hagens Berman Axeon/UC4:40:22
35575Conor SCHUNKGateway Devo Cycling /Gateway H4:40:22
36599Elvys MARTINEZ4:40:22
37600Aaron BLACKNew England Devo p/b Cadence We4:40:22
38585Eric BRUNNERUCI CT: 303 Project/UCI CT: 3034:40:22
39557Benjamin WRIGHTFoundation/Century Road Club As4:40:22
40622Timothy COFFEYTeam Athletic Mentors / GREENWA4:40:22
41627Cooper ROMBOLDEste Racing4:40:22
42553Ethan OVERSONGateway Devo Cycling /Gateway H4:40:23
43578Isaac BRYANTGateway Devo Cycling /Gateway H4:40:23
44615Samuel LEARSupport Clean Sport/BSCG/Gutten4:40:23
45592Tyrel FUCHSRio Grande Elite Cycling Team/T4:40:23
46586Paul HARTNERFAVE4:40:29
47634Samuel BLACKMONSuper Squadra4:40:47
48614Tayne ANDRADERio Grande Elite Cycling Team/T4:44:05
49647Sam NOELJamison Capital - Cannondale/Ce4:46:03
50558Logan JONES-WILKINSKelly Benefit Strategies Elite/4:48:34
51640Wyatt GAULKE4:49:06
52554Riley SHEEHANUCI CT: Aevolo Cycling Inc./UCI4:49:06
53611William HARDINVelocious Sport/Mountain Events4:49:07
54568Alexander MARR4:49:07
56607Justin BIRDQuantum Racing Development pres4:49:08
DNF559Lance ABSHIREStrike Cycling Elite Team/Strik
DNF579Evan BAUSBACHERGateway Devo Cycling /Gateway H
DNF636Cade BICKMOREUCI CT: Aevolo Cycling Inc./UCI
DNF618Dalton COLLINSNorthStar Development Cycling/N
DNF604Hunter CONNELLNashville Local Cycling
DNF606Maxlimilian FREEMANTeam Rio Grande
DNF620Kevin GOGUENFoundation/Century Road Club As
DNF630Austin GOMESGateway Devo Cycling /Gateway H
DNF629Benjamin GORODETSKYBlue Ribbon/Century Road Club A
DNF646Marcel GUTIERREZVelocious Sport/Mountain Events
DNF643Arvin JANSENEvolution Development/
DNF624Keegan KORIENEKBissell-ABG-Giant/Michigan Indi
DNF587Colby LANGEUCI CT: Wildlife Generation p/b
DNF581Simon LYNNUS Military Endurance Sports
DNF612Lane MAHERFoundation/Century Road Club As
DNF565Nathaniel MOSERKelly Benefit Strategies Elite/
DNF617Keith MULLALYNew England Devo p/b Cadence We
DNF631Brian SCIBAVeloBrew Cycling Club
DNF582Grant SIMONDSDEAN Factory Racing
DNF626Jacob SLOSARSBR Quantum Racing/Quantum Raci
DNF566Caleb SMITHKelly Benefit Strategies Elite/
DNF628Jonathan SPANGLEStrike Cycling
DNF644Xavier SZIGETHYJ Mac Cycling LLC
DNF602Kyle TIESLERMidtown Cycling
DNF639Nolan VANDERZWAAGBissell/ABG Cycling Club
DNF638Dalton WALTERSStrike Cycling
DNF645Nathaniel WORCESTERMr. Greens p/b Top Step Develop
DNF625William ZOUGHAIBQuantum Racing Development pres
DNS572Seth JONESUCI CT: Arapahoe | Hincapie p/b
DNS567Matteo JORGENSONChambery Cyclisme Formation/
DNS573Reece LINDERAmes Velo/Ames Velo
DNS560Tyler STITESUCI CT: Aevolo Cycling Inc./UCI
DNS571Christopher WELCHJamison Capital - Cannondale/Ce