At Day 2 of the 2016 KMC Cross Fest, a tough course with lots of off-camber sections pushed racers’ limits. Katie Compton (KFC Racing p/b Trek / Panache) again proved victorious over Caroline Mani (Raleigh Clement) , with Rebecca Fahringer (Amy D Foundation) again coming in third. Yesterday’s second place finisher Ellen Noble (Aspire Racing) did not start.

Katie Compton goes back-to-back, wins 2016 KMC Cross Fest Day 2. © C. McIntosh / Cyclocross Magazine

Katie Compton goes back-to-back, wins 2016 KMC Cross Fest Day 2. © C. McIntosh / Cyclocross Magazine

Full results below. Stay tuned for a full report.

2016 KMC Cross Fest Full Results - Elite Women C2

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
11Katherine COMPTONKFC Racing pb Trek/Panache46:20:007:456
22Caroline MANIRaleigh Clement46:38:007:456
38Rebecca FAHRINGERAmy D Foundation46:41:007:476
46Emma WHITECannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.47:09:008:026
54Amanda MILLERBoulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo47:45:008:006
65Crystal ANTHONYmaxxis-shimano pro cyclocross47:47:008:056
734Melinda MCCUTCHEONDNA-Cotton Sox47:57:007:546
810Arley KEMMERERFearless Femme Racing48:16:008:126
99Kathryn CUMMINGJalapeno Cycling49:08:008:156
1013Ruby WESTCannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld.49:22:008:296
1112Jena GREASER49:45:008:386
1214Kathleen LYSAKOWSKIJoes Garage CX p/b BikeReg50:31:008:376
1318Rebecca GROSSKHS Bicycles50:44:008:226
1430Erica LEONARDAngry Johnnys Cycling50:47:008:176
1550Lisa HOLMGRENCenturion Nextwave50:47:008:186
1617Stacey BARBOSSAMidAtlantic Colavita Womens Te51:25:008:416
1722Rachel RUBINOFearless Femme Racing51:27:008:316
1824Jennifer MALIKWomens CX Project51:51:008:426
1939Turner RAMSAYKMS Cycling - Killington Mounta51:52:008:436
2026Clio DINANK?D? Collective CX51:52:008:356
2131Rebecca LEWANDOWSKIRare Disease Cycling / Keswick52:12:008:396
2425Natasja BROOIJMANSGREEN LINE VELO Driven by ZipCa53:14:008:486
2523Joanne GROGANNEXT-BMB53:17:008:476
2633Leslie LUPIENGREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipca53:32:008:506
2749Paige WILLIAMSladies first53:40:009:036
2844Natalie TAPIASJAM / NCC54:09:009:266
@1Lap46Julie VANDERHOOPGREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipca9:045
@1Lap27Erin FACCONETeam Averica9:025
@2Lap32Elizabeth LUKOWSKIWoo Girl!9:284
@2Lap42Michele M SMITHHUP United9:334
@3Lap35Sara MELIKIANpedalpowertraining.com10:133
DNF29Regina LEGGEGREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipca0
DNF7Courtenay MCFADDEN8:043
DNF21Nicole MERTZNoCoast Racing powered by Intel10:432
DNF36Emily MOLDENNantucket Velo9:163
DNS3Ellen NOBLEAspire Racing0
DNS16Natasha ELLIOTTGarneau - Easton Cycling0
DNS19Julie WRIGHTTeam Averica0