KK Santos snags the 17-18 title. © Mike Albright

KK Santos snags the 17-18 title. © Mike Albright

Yesterday, Katherine (KK) Santos took the 17-18 Junior Women win, which came as a surprise to her more than anyone else. We caught up with her after to find out how the race went.

On the win… I can’t believe I just did that. I thought I’d do well, but not that well.

On the surprise… They said I was in third or something and I thought, no way. But my goal was to get out in front so I didn’t get held up behind anyone.

On Emma White’s mishap…  I was passing her and I heard her scream. I wasn’t really sure what happened. I think she hit the barrier with her tire or something and it just fell off. I turned around and thought, oh my god , Emma White, something just happened to her. But I was like, I’ve got to take advantage of it so I kept going.

On passing White… This is Emma White. I thought, come on, she should be kicking my butt.

On what she thinks now… I’m just pumped.

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