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Rowan Child (Dogfish Racing) defeated Kian Reid (Gillespie Devo Racing). Bjorn Blankenship (Cascadia Junior Cycling) finished third to round out the podium.

Full results are below. Stay tuned for a race report.

Junior Men 11-12 Results - 2019 Lakewood Cyclocross Nationals

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
1308Rowan CHILDDogfish Racing23:40.7:45.3
2337Kian REIDGillespie Devo Racing23:58.8:04.3
3310Bjorn BLANKENSHIPCascadia Junior Cycling24:16.7:59.3
4309Tomas MCINTOSHKiel Reijnen All Stars24:35.8:11.3
5316Porter MELVINThe Cycling House25:13.8:17.3
6331Leonardo GUTIERREZ100% / Forza Cycling / The Bike25:38.8:08.3
7321Jackson HSURAD p/b CycleU25:49.8:25.3
8315Evan SANDSAlpha Bicycle Company/Groove Su26:26.8:50.3
9314Jacob HINESBaltimore Youth Cycling26:40.8:40.3
10323Jack BILLOWITZCascadia Junior Cycling26:48.8:55.3
11327Remy SCHMIDTVoler/Easton/HRS/RockLobster pr27:00.8:45.3
12317Rowan CATTAUBoulder Junior Cycling27:18.9:20.3
13322Jaxon WILLIAMSVelocity Bike Co27:44.9:11.3
14333Nathaniel HALVERSONMNJRC27:53.8:58.3
15318Austin THOMPSONKCOI-U2028:10.9:27.3
16332Liam CARMICHAELTri Tech28:35.9:35.3
17335Van MYERSHODALA!29:25.10:04.3
18324William PRYORRAD p/b Cycle U29:58.10:08.3
19334Truman ATKINSHodala30:05.10:05.3
20311Gregory DEBENEDETTIBYRDS30:05.9:58.3
21319Elias SMITHBYRDS30:08.9:46.3
22326Erik ROGGENBAUERSchool of Cross30:22.10:06.3
23328Henry KLESCHSchool of Cross30:26.9:51.3
24320Fisher GUNDERSON717cycling31:05.10:19.3
25325Hudson OMINESchool of Cross32:30.10:42.3
26312Gavin NEWMANTriTech Select32:54.11:03.3
27329Zeev LOETELRAD Racing p/b CycleU33:19.11:46.3
28336Hudson CONGDONRAD p/b CYCLEU35:01.12:17.3
29330David AVERYCBRE Racing26:12.13:29.2
DNF307Isaiah CULBREATHOklahoma Flyers9:04.2

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Photo: Rowan Child in Lakewood by A. Yee.