Johnson took a second win on Day 3 of Jingle Cross. © Elisabeth Reinkordt

Johnson took a second win on Day 3 of Jingle Cross. © Elisabeth Reinkordt

by Elisabeth Reinkordt

IOWA CITY, IOWA – The wind picked up on Sunday, but temperatures rose into the 50s – there would be no snow from Santa at this year’s Jingle Cross.

Elite Women

Defending British national champion Helen Wyman (Kona) took the first spot at the line once again on Sunday, and next to her were French riders Caroline Mani (Raleigh Clement) and Julie Krasniak (Rapha-Focus). Krasniak, who crashed out on the first lap of Saturday’s race and visited the emergency room with an injured knee, looked fresh and ready despite the bandage. At the whistle, it was Wyman who jumped to the front of the race for the holeshot, and though she was briefly overtaken by Jade Wilcoxson (Team Optum), she quickly commandeered the front end of the race.

Wyman took an early lead.  © Elisabeth Reinkordt

Wyman took an early lead. © Elisabeth Reinkordt

Wilcoxson and Mani held second and third position as Wyman rode away, but they were soon joined by Krasniak. Krasniak was not content to stay with this group, and she wasted no time making her attack and chasing after Wyman. Two technical features separated the ranks on Sunday’s course – one muddy off-camber berm with a U-shaped dip down the hill and a much steeper climb up Mt. Krumpet. As Krasniak and Wyman increased their leads, Wilcoxson was joined by teammates Amanda Miller and Carmen Small (Team Optum). Mani was overtaken by the three Optum riders, as some rode and some ran up the steep hill. She stayed in the mix as the teammates shifted position, with Wilcoxson fading and Miller moving to the front of the group. Miller jumped ahead of the group, but was followed closely by Mani, Small, and Wilcoxson.

On her last climb up Mt. Krumpet, Wyman was greeted by a full-crowd rendition of “God Save the Queen,” followed by chants of “USA, USA,” for French rider Krasniak and local heroine Amanda Miller.

Reflecting on the weekend of racing after her third win in as many days, Wyman thanked race director John Meehan for “a great race on a great course with great spectators.” Laughing, she added that it was “totally amazing to come up that hill to the whole crowd singing.” With her two biggest goals – Koppenberg and the European championships – done, she’s headed back to Europe for the second half of her season before coming back to Louisville in February.

Men’s Elite

The three bright green Cannondale jerseys commanding the front row of the men’s race on Sunday included Friday’s winner Jamey Driscoll, Saturday’s winner Tim Johnson, and Saturday’s second place finisher Ryan Trebon. Would Trebon claim the top step on Day Three, or would someone be able to break their team’s dominance of the front pack?

The men head up the hill together in the first lap. © Elisabeth Reinkordt

The men head up the hill together in the first lap. © Elisabeth Reinkordt

Off the start, it was a surprise holeshot by Bryan Fawley (Dallas Bike Works) and Matt Shriver (Trek Cyclocross Collective) that wowed the crowd. Fawley and Shriver commanded the front of the pack through the Yule Log Jam and off-camber mud, up over the flyover and to the base of Mt. Krumpet before being jumped by Johnson, Trebon, Driscoll, and Chris Jones (Rapha-Focus). Also in the mix were Ben Berden (Raleigh Clement) and Brian Matter (Geargrinder).

While Fawley and Shriver dropped off the pace, the remainder of this rather large group stayed together, with small attacks proving unfruitful in changing the dynamics of the race. The third, fourth and fifth laps saw Johnson, Jones and Trebon all taking the lead spot descending Mt. Krumpet. As the animated crowd on the hill awaited the leaders on the next lap, Driscoll led the charge, with Johnson, Berden and Jones right behind him. But Trebon was nowhere to be seen, having decided to drop out of the race at the start/finish. Observers noted terse body language between Trebon and teammate Johnson, but no official word on a reason for dropping out.

With just three laps remaining, Johnson finally made an attack that stuck, exploding off the front of the group and leaving teammate Driscoll in second. Berden was not far behind him, and he was being chased steadily by Jones. With one to go, it looked like Jones might be able to catch Berden and claim the third step on the podium, but the Belgian rider held him off, adding another third place finish to his Jingle Cross weekend.

Elite Women’s Results:

1WYMAN HelenKonaGBR43:24
2KRASNIAK JulieRaffa FocusFRA43:59
3MILLER AmandaTeam Optum p/b Kelly Benefit StUSA44:07
4MCNELLIS SMALL CarmenTeam Optum p/b Kelly Benefit StUSA44:13
5MANI CarolineRaleigh ClementFRA44:22
6WILCOXSON JadeTeam Optum p/b Kelly Benefit StUSA44:40
7McFADDEN CourtenayCliff Bar Bicycle Center Red LiUSA44:58
8ANTHONY CrystalCannondale CyclocrossworldUSA45:29
9CAREY AmandaVolkswagon BoiseUSA45:40
10BRUNO ROY MaureenBob Redmill Cyclocross TeamUSA45:51
11STRIGEL AbbyTrek Cyclocross CollectiveUSA46:32
12BLATT RebeccaVan Dessel SportsUSA46:53
13SMILEY MarneBob Redmill Cyclocross TeamUSA47:06
14CUTLER JessicaCyclocrossracing.comUSA47:25
15GROSS RebeccaCyclocrossracing.comUSA48:05
16COOGAN-CISEK CoreyCyclocrossracing.comUSA48:41
17MARKEY AmberMy Wife IncUSA48:47
18BROCKET KarenEthos RacingUSA49:06
19SIEBENLIST SierraMatthews BicycleUSA49:53
20SO ElizabethLes Petites VictoiresUSA50:10
21WILLIAMS RobinIowa City Cycling Club / MercyUSA- 2 LAPS
DNFOSBORNE CorrieTeam ExtremeUSA

Elite Men’s Results:

1JOHNSON TimothyCannondale CyclocrossworldUSA1:01:07
2DRISCOLL JamesCannondale CyclocrossworldUSA1:01:29
3BERDEN BenRaleigh ClementBEL1:01:49
4JONES ChristopherRaffa FocusUSA1:01:56
5MATTER BrianRACC GeargrinderUSA1:02:31
6KRUGHOFF AllenRaleigh ClementUSA1:02:54
7SCHOUTEN TristanOptumUSA1:03:12
8SHRIVER MattTrek Cyclocross CollectiveUSA1:03:47
9LASLEY JacobTeam SoundponyUSA1:04:00
10NEFF IsaacTrek Cyclocross CollectiveUSA1:04:02
11DICKENS Chase *American Classic Professional CUSA1:04:16
12CANDELARIO AlexanderOptumUSA1:04:41
13MALONEY JosephKS Energy Services / Team WiscoUSA1:04:52
14KAISER Cody *California Giant CyclingUSA1:05:02
15BRADFORD-PARISH KevinCyclocrossracing.comUSA1:05:08
16KLUCK JeffPowerade - Independent FabricatUSA1:05:40
17SHERER MikeThe Pony ShopUSA1:05:52
18SAVERY MarkMidwest Cycling GroupUSA1:05:54
19STELLJES CoreyCyclocrossracing.comUSA1:05:58
20ETHERIDGE CraigRaleigh ClementUSA1:05:59
21McCONNELL KevinIowa City Cycling ClubUSA1:06:14
22KOSS TrevorMagnusUSA1:06:15
23BURKE TomMidwest Cycling GroupUSA1:06:31
24MARION RobertAmerican Classic Professional CUSA1:06:43
25FAULKNER CraigCrossniacsUSA1:07:09
26THOMPSON EricPlan C p/b Challenge TiresUSA1:07:17
27FAWLEY BryanDallas Bike WorksUSA-1 LAP
28COE AndrewEthos RacingUSA-1 LAP
30ALLEN MatthewBehind Bars / LGRUSA-2 LAPS
31LEMIEUX PatSt. Paul Bicycle Racing ClubUSA-2 LAPS
32BRAUN TravisMagnusUSA-2 LAPS
33GANTZER JeremiahDouble I Cycling ExperienceUSA-2 LAPS
35THOMPSON JohnSt. Paul Bicycle Racing Club /USA-5 LAPS
DNFTREBON RyanCannondale CyclocrossworldUSA

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