Kabush and Trebon dab while cresting this climb at the USGP Deschutes Brewery Day 2. ©Cyclocross Magazine

Trebon in the lead group at USGP Deschutes Brewery Day 2. ©Cyclocross Magazine

With the countdown clock to Nationals tick, tick, ticking away, we at Cyclocross Magazine realized that it had been far too long since we last caught up with our Issue 18 cover-boy, Ryan Trebon. He started the season strong, seemingly the only American who could really give Jeremy Powers a run for his money, and has been making it onto podium after podium at the big races, finally taking a USGP win at the USGP in Bend, Oregon, earlier this month. Since he’s elected to skip the Euro season this year, we were able to get him to answer a few questions for us about his season so far, and what’s next for the racer.

Cyclocross Magazine: How has your season been going, in your opinion? Hitting your goals?

Ryan Trebon: The season has been good; obviously I would have liked to win more races, but for one reason or another I have not been able to find my best form. But I am still reasonably happy with some of the success I have had.

CXM: What are the big goals you have for the rest of the season?

RT: I only have three races left for the season: Nationals, Worlds, and the race in Cincinnati the weekend before Worlds. And I am training hard in hopes of being at my best for them.

CXM: How is the Cannondale/CXWorld team? Are you settling into the whole team dynamic thing?

RT: The team is great,  we have unbelievable support for all the partners on the team, and the staff, from the mechanics to the soigneurs, are all top notch.

A tired Tim congratulates Ryan. © Cyclocross Magazine

After his win at USGP Bend Day 1, a tired Tim Johnson congratulates Ryan Trebon. © Cyclocross Magazine

CXM: How has it been racing with Tim as a teammate?

RT: Good! We have a little friction now and again because we all want to be successful and win races,   but we are figuring it out.

CXM: Plans to stay on Cannondale/CyclocrossWorld?

RT: Yes, I am pretty stoked to be on the Cannondale/CyclocrossWorld program and am looking forward to next year racing with them again as well.

CXM: Is Europe on the schedule at all?

RT: Nope, not this season. I am excited to be able stay in the USA for the whole season this year and have such a short travel day after Worlds.

CXM: How will you handle the time between Nationals and Worlds? Training or trying to continue racing?

RT: I am staying in San Diego, California, up until Nationals,  then heading back to California right after Madison to continue training until Worlds. The weather and terrain are really good for my physical and mental side for me to prepare my best.

CXM: How are you liking disc brakes?

RT: I absolutely love the disc brakes. I have been telling everyone that I don’t want to ever race or even train on a cyclocross bike with canti brakes. The performance even with the mechanical disc is so superior that it’s a definite advantage. And the new hydraulic units are even better.

CXM: What’s your best tip for handling a ton of travel during the season?

RT: You’ve gotta relax and take it as it comes. It’s easy to get stressed out from traveling.

CXM: For you, what’s the hardest thing about the season so far? And what’s the best thing?

RT: The hardest part about the season has honestly been that I feel like I am under-performing and wish I would have won more races by now. We trained really hard this summer and fall, and for some reason I just seem to be that 2-3% off from my best. I can tell, not only when I am racing, but in my training also. I just don’t have the best sensations. I hope this month spent training for Nationals and Worlds will bring everything around.

The best thing: staying injury free so far.

CXM: What would you consider a successful result at Worlds?

RT: I think a top 10 at Worlds would be a success, and I think it is entirely possible that it will happen.

CXM:  Off-season plans? Will you be MTB-ing  again?

RT: Working on the “off-season” schedule right now. I am definitely racing MTB again this summer, the same Clement/Cannondale program I did last year, but doing quite a bit more MTB racing this summer and spring.