Sometimes any extra layer helps against the cold. © Natalia McKittrick | Pedal Power Photography | 2009

Sometimes any extra layer helps against the cold. © Natalia McKittrick | Pedal Power Photography | 2009

by Natalia McKittrick

I heard rumors Adam Myerson had spent weeks hesitating over the choice Bend vs. Wrentham and had only gone to Nationals because they were able to secure him the number he wanted (“he asked for a “13” but they drew a “31””). But then again, who hasn’t heard a rumor about Myerson?

Jokes aside, two-year-old Ice Weasels Cometh cyclocross race has attracted crowds of spectators competitive in their amount with “the other race” that weekend, and unsurpassed in spirit.

The course, completely covered in semi-frozen packed snow with patches of cabbage and broccoli, offered challenging racing conditions which were well supported by spectators and fellow racers: beer hand-ups, hupcake (a variety of a cupcake branded by the Hup United team) primes, dollar bills stuck in barriers, deafening cheers, microphone heckling and a graffiti artist putting on some serious weasel signage.

Some may argue that it’s not serious, and if you are able to smile during your race you are not really racing that hard.

Ice Weasels Cometh is the only race (at least in New England) that racers and spectators alike look forward to, despite freezing weather. It’s the only race that offers not only a challenging, interesting and fun course, but also great entertainment for all.  Where else are you going to see Colin Reuter stuffing his mouth with a cupcake while racing? Wait, have you ever seen Al Donahue smiling during a race?

Bend this way or the other, but strangely in the month of December New England Ice Weasels assume Portlandian cyclocross behavior and go have competitive fun on their cyclocross bikes in the snow, dressed up all silly, taking beer and cupcake handups.  You know why?  Richard Fries once said it in an interview: “That’s what bikes are all about: they are about adventure and fun.”

Ice Weasels Cometh is organized and run by International Bicycle Center’s Thom Parsons and Colin Reuter (, you really should know this by now).

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