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by Celeste Taylor

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina—Haydn Hludzinski (Boulder Junior Cycling) is undefeated on the national stage. Of course, with a racing age of ten, she’s only on her second year of national-level competition. But in a repeat performance, Hludzinski won the Junior Women’s 9-10 category handily.

Hludzinski took the front of the race and didn’t look back. Right out of the gate, Hludzinski looked strong and confident as she conquered the abbreviated course.

In Hludzinski’s wake, Sienna Cozza (UPMC/Pro Bikes) battled Francesca Swinand to hold the second position. Behind them, Alexis Hills (Lionhearts Junior Racing) lead the rest of the chasers.

As the racers pedaled into their first round of off-camber, Swinand had created a gap between herself and Cozza. Hills and Kate Stanford (Evolution Jr. Devo Team) raced side by side to determine the final two places on the podium.

By the time the riders began their second and final lap, Hludzinski’s led by 43 seconds and the rest of the field was stretched out behind her, establishing positions that would hold through the finish.

Junior Women 9-10, 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

En route to the podium’s top step. Junior Women 9-10, 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

Cozza led Swinland by 17 seconds, who sat comfortably ahead of Stanford and Hills. Hills and Stanford had traded attacks throughout the first lap but Stanford finally was able to create a small gap that would be effective enough to earn the fourth spot overall, with Hills taking the final podium position.


Hludzinski finished 1:38 ahead of her closest competitor and admits that she’s looking forward to being able to race in the 11-12 age group at Nationals next year, which is the category she normally competes in during her local races.

If you’d like to tell your friends about this pint size phenomenon, Hludzinski can’t help you. “I don’t even know how to pronounce my own last name,” she admits. However, if she keeps up at the rate she’s going, it’ll be a name the cyclocross community will recognize soon enough.

Photo gallery below the results.

2016 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Junior Women 9-10 Full Results

1Haydn HLUDZINSKIBoulder Junior Cycling18:42.
2Sienna COZZAUPMC/ Pro Bikes20:04.
3Francesca SWINANDThe Pony Shop20:35.
4Kate STANFORDEvolution Jr. Devo Team21:32.
5Alexis HILLSLionhearts Junior Racing21:48.
6Jewel BARTELS22:57.
7Lauren WATTSAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru23:46.
8Alyssa SARKISOVRock Creek Velo23:47.
9Lidia CUSACKRock Creek Velo25:13.

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Junior Women 9-10, 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

Rides took to Ingles Heckle Hill in the Junior Women 9-10 race, but were greeted with cheers, not jeers. 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

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