Gould had a tough race in Vegas and thinks it's time for a season off. © Matthew Lasala / Lasala Images

Gould had a tough race in Vegas and thinks it’s time for a season off. © Matthew Lasala / Lasala Images

We caught up with Georgia Gould after Cross Vegas, where she finished ninth and crossed the line holding the same rubber chicken that she had in Louisville for the World Championships. While she was as comedic as ever in her interview, cyclocross fans may be disappointed to hear that the Bronze medalist will be taking a break from cyclocross this year, as she is electing to take a well-deserved break.

On the rubber chicken she raced the last lap with… “I just saw him on the last lap. He was the same one who came to Louisville, so I had to take him. It was definitely not a performance-enhancing chicken…”

On canti brakes… “These are way better. Brakes only slow you down. Brakes are the least of my problems.”

On Cross Vegas… “I had a decent start, but it was tactical, road-racey. Which is not my forte. It was really slow the first few laps. There were places it was a little hard because there was a hill, but it came back together… So I was in the back of the group. Then when it split, I was like, ‘There it goes, guess I’m here.'”

On the season… “I am going to have an off-season. Done and done, suckers! This dead horse has been flogged. Flogged and flogged… I wish that I could have six more months in the year but this year was really long and really hard and really sucky and really disappointing and if I’ve learned anything from my many years of trial and error, at a certain point you need to know when to fold ’em.”

On coming back… “Hopefully I’ll be back bigger and better and stronger and awesomer and wittier and cooler and hotter…”

We highly recommend that you watch the full interview and comedic stylings of Gould here: