Florida State Championship medal. Photo courtesy

Florida State Championship medal.

Cyclocross and Florida may not sound like they mix well together, but the cyclocross scene down South has been rapidly growing in the past few years. Today, an article ran in a mainstream Florida paper, Florida Today, to announce the opening of their new park.

The article opens, “It’s a sport that boasts heckling and crashes but shuns ‘sandbaggers,’ those who race at levels too easy for them.” The tone is slightly incredulous, but as the reporter delves into the sport and its roots both internationally and in Florida, it’s clear that cyclocross is the newest big thing in cycling down there. Just don’t expect blizzards, and get ready for sand.

The park is called the Cyclocross Rotary Park, and was created by taking an unused BMX course in the city and turning it into a permanent ’cross course. Palm Bay Parks and Recreation Director Heidi Lapin released this statement: “We have a great working relationship with cycling groups and enthusiasts in the area and want to continue to provide the best possible cycling experiences for them. Offering a challenging course like this will draw riders of all levels to test their skills. The Cyclocross Rotary Park provides a great opportunity to position Palm Bay as a leader in cyclocross and attract cyclists from all across the country.”

We’re excited to see how the park grows!