Hand-ups might be a crime in the minds of some, but if so, the crime has been committed, mostly uncaught, during a good portion of the last three different decades, and we’re sure back then, the guilty were thinking hand-ups are not a crime.

Meat hand-ups might not make sense in terms of an athletic performance gain, but some swear by the tasty distraction’s psychological boost. With bacon hand-ups being all the rage nowadays, we were wondering when the first meat-based hand-up happened in cyclocross.

Here’s the oldest documented hand-up that we’ve uncovered for today’s Flashback Friday photo, from way back on November 7, 1998 at the Frank-N-Horst cyclocross race in Keene, NH.

A hamburger with all the fixin's captures this racer's eye. Frank-N-Horst, November 7, 1998. © Cyclocross Magazine

A hamburger with all the fixin’s captures this racer’s eye. Frank-N-Horst, November 7, 1998. © Cyclocross Magazine

With cyclocross’ history in the US going back to 70s, we don’t doubt there’s a chance some fan offered up something savory to a unsuspecting racer, and we’d love to see some photos of such cyclocross antics, not that we necessarily condone such activities. We promise to not reveal true names, even if the statute of limitations is over.

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