Cycle-Cross-Country race from 1926 in France. (screenshot)

Cycle-Cross-Country race from 1926 in France. (screenshot)

Here’s a neat silent video from 1926 that just popped up on YouTube from British Pathé. The race is called a “Cycle-Cross-Country” race, and was won by F. Pellissier, who wins what was called a “novel Sporting event from big field.” It was held in Suresnes, France.

The race looked to have a mix of pavement, single track, cobbles, dirt roads and a healthy dose of jungle cross.

It’s awesome to see the run-up crowds and finish line scrum. We think we might have even seen a hand-up in the trees.

Our biggest question is how did all these racers handle such terrain without dedicated gravel or dirt road bikes, thru axles or disc brakes? Simply mind blowing.

Hand-up to @laxbikeguy for being first to alert us to the video.