While the mountain bike-sters were busy in Colorado and Germany, a number of cyclocross road-sters were at the Amgen Tour of California last week. The Men’s race was a seven-day stage race from the 13th to the 19, and the Women competed in a three-day stage race from the 17th to the 19th.

The 2018 Women's Amgen Tour of California took place over the weekend. 2018 Women's Amgen Tour of California. © John Silva / Cyclocross Magazine

The 2018 Women’s Amgen Tour of California took place over the weekend. 2018 Women’s Amgen Tour of California. © John Silva / Cyclocross Magazine

Women’s Amgen Tour of California

The Women’s race was of particular interest for cyclocross fans after Katie Compton was named to the USA Cycling composite team alongside Megan Guanier and the Schneider sisters. Also expected to factor in the racing was defending U23 Cyclocross National Champion Emma White (Rally Cycling).

Katie Compton joined the composite Team USA at the Tour of California. 2018 Women's Amgen Tour of California. © John Silva / Cyclocross Magazine

Katie Compton joined the composite Team USA at the Tour of California. 2018 Women’s Amgen Tour of California. © John Silva / Cyclocross Magazine

The Women’s race was a three-stage race with flat Stages 1 and 3 near Sacramento and a mountainous Stage 2 near Lake Tahoe.

The two flat stages took place in and around Sacramento. 2018 Women's Amgen Tour of California. © John Silva / Cyclocross Magazine

The two flat stages took place in and around Sacramento. 2018 Women’s Amgen Tour of California. © John Silva / Cyclocross Magazine

White has already made a name for herself in the Women’s peloton with her sprinting power, and at the TOC, she showed why her name rings out. White took second in the Stage 1 sprint finish and followed it up with a third in Stage 3. For her efforts, she took the overall sprint points jersey. She does know a thing or two about wearing green after all…

Former cyclocrosser Coryn Rivera (Team Sunweb) finished fifth in Stage 1 and fourth in Stage 2 to take sixth overall in the sprint points chase.

The winner of the Stage 1 sprint was Kendall Ryan (Team Tibco – Silicon Valley Bank). Some sleuthing showed Ryan entered some cyclocross races in her younger days when she learned how to ride Scary Fast.

Women's Junior races, 2006 Cyclocross Natioanls. photo:

Women’s Junior races, 2006 Cyclocross Natioanls. photo:

Ryan finished fourth at the 2006 Cyclocross Nationals behind winner Rivera and runner-up Kaitie Keough. Team USA member and Schneider sister Samantha was also on the podium in the Junior 17-18 race.

The winner of the Women’s GC was Katharine Hall (United Healthcare). Hall won the Stage 2 mountain stage by 25 seconds to get her decisive GC gap. Overall, she won by 29 seconds ahead of Tayler Wiles (Trek – Drops).

See below for the final GC results. You can find stage results here: Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3

Katie Compton chipped in to help Team USA at the TOC. 2018 Women's Amgen Tour of California. © John Silva / Cyclocross Magazine

Katie Compton chipped in to help Team USA at the TOC. 2018 Women’s Amgen Tour of California. © John Silva / Cyclocross Magazine

Men’s Amgen Tour of California

Egan Bernal (Team Sky) won the Men’s race after his decisive win in the Stage 6 mountain stage. Bernal entered the stage trailing American Tejay van Garderen (BMC) by 23 seconds, but the young Columbian climber pulled away from the field to win by 1:28 and pick up even more time on Van Garderen. Bernal won the overall by 1:25 and the 21-year-old is now headed to the Tour of France.

Van Garderen won the Stage 4 time trial and capped the impressive race on home soil with a second-place overall finish. Like many of the successful women at the TOC, Van Garneren was also at the 2006 ’Cross Nationals as a U23 racer.

2006 U23 Cyclocross Nationals Results. photo:

2006 U23 Cyclocross Nationals Results. photo:

Final Men’s GC standings are below. Stage results can be found here: Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3  – Stage 4  – Stage 5Stage 6  – Stage 7

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Women's Results: 2018 Amgen Tour of California

1HALL Katharine UHC USA 7:51:110:00:00
2WILES Tayler DRP USA 7:51:400:00:29
3NIEWIADOMA Katarzyna CSR POL 7:52:180:01:07
4MAGNALDI Erica BPK ITA 7:52:230:01:12
5CHAPMAN Brodie TIB AUS 7:52:270:01:16
6RODRIGUEZ GUTIERREZ Carolina ASA MEX 7:52:310:01:20
7POIDEVIN Sara* RLW CAN 7:52:540:01:43
8THOMAS Leah UHC USA 7:53:350:02:24
9LABOUS Juliette* SUN FRA 7:53:390:02:28
10PRIETO CASTAÑEDA Marcela Elizabeth SWA MEX 7:53:420:02:31
11MORENO CANCHON Blanca Liliana ASA COL 7:53:500:02:39
12LAY Kirsti RLW CAN 7:53:580:02:47
13JACKSON Alison TIB CAN 7:54:310:03:20
14BERGEN Sara RLW CAN 7:54:320:03:21
15ANDERSON Grace* ILU NZL 7:54:320:03:21
16DUEHRING Jasmin T20 CAN 7:54:320:03:21
17HAMMES Kathrin DRP GER 7:54:320:03:21
18PEÑUELA MARTINEZ Diana Carolina UHC COL 7:54:370:03:26
19COBB Alice TIB GBR 7:54:370:03:26
20GUARNIER Megan USA USA 7:54:400:03:29
21WINDER Ruth SUN USA 7:54:530:03:42
22DREXEL CLOUTHIER Ingrid TIB MEX 7:55:480:04:37
23HALL Lauren UHC USA 7:56:280:05:17
24BERTIZZOLO Sofia* ASA ITA 7:56:470:05:36
25ALLISON Whitney HBS USA 7:57:130:06:02
26CLYNE Margot T20 USA 7:57:320:06:21
27CHRISTIAN Anna DRP GBR 7:58:140:07:03
28DRAGOO Allie T20 USA 7:58:310:07:20
29LUEBKE Jennifer HBS USA 7:58:450:07:34
30MALSEED Shannon TIB AUS 7:59:090:07:58
31WHITE Emma* RLW USA 7:59:370:08:26
32RYAN Alexis CSR USA 7:59:420:08:31
33WORRACK Trixi CSR GER 7:59:480:08:37
34CERRA Jessica HBS USA 7:59:480:08:37
35KASHIKI Shoko ILU JPN 8:00:390:09:28
36HARVEY Mikayla* ILU NZL 8:00:410:09:30
37BEAUMONT Rebecca ILU CAN 8:00:450:09:34
38BROWN Grace WHT AUS 8:00:560:09:45
39RAMÍREZ FREGOSO Andrea* SWA MEX 8:01:040:09:53
40VARGAS BARRIENTOS Maria Jose* SWA CRC 8:01:040:09:53
41SANTOYO PEREZ Brenda Andrea* SWA MEX 8:01:320:10:21
42SIERRA CANADILLA Arlenis ASA CUB 8:01:440:10:33
43HOLDEN Elizabeth* DRP GBR 8:02:050:10:54
44WILLIAMS Lily HBS USA 8:04:480:13:37
45RIVERA Coryn SUN USA 8:04:490:13:38
46VALENTE Jennifer T20 USA 8:04:510:13:40
47HANSON Lauretta UHC AUS 8:04:510:13:40
48SPEROTTO Maria Vittoria* BPK ITA 8:04:510:13:40
49BANKS Elizabeth UHC GBR 8:04:510:13:40
50SOEK Julia SUN NED 8:05:040:13:53
51PAYTON Hannah DRP GBR 8:05:100:13:59
52ROORDA Stephanie T20 CAN 8:05:190:14:08
53LIPPERT Liane* SUN GER 8:05:300:14:19
54MENDIVIL SOTO Yusseli MEX MEX 8:05:480:14:37
55SALAZAR VAZQUEZ Lizbeth Yareli* SWA MEX 8:06:150:15:04
56STEWART Macey* WHT AUS 8:06:590:15:48
57TEDDERGREEN Starla HBS USA 8:07:260:16:15
58ERATH Tanja CSR GER 8:07:270:16:16
59LETH Julie WHT DEN 8:07:360:16:25
60RYAN Kendall TIB USA 8:07:420:16:31
61EDMONDSON Annette WHT AUS 8:07:490:16:38
62LLOYD Manon* DRP GBR 8:07:530:16:42
63WHEELER Jennifer USA USA 8:07:540:16:43
64MAINE Katherine* RLW CAN 8:08:040:16:53
65RACHETTO Liza HBS USA 8:08:050:16:54
66SCHNEIDER Skylar* USA USA 8:08:150:17:04
67SCHNEIDER Samantha USA USA 8:08:150:17:04
68MATHIESEN Pernille* SUN DEN 8:08:540:17:43
69COMPTON Katherine USA USA 8:09:320:18:21
70MEDVEDOVA Tereza* BPK SVK 8:10:300:19:19
71ALLAR Erica RLW USA 8:11:580:20:47
72VALSECCHI Silvia BPK ITA 8:13:440:22:33
73MILLARD Alexandra ILU USA 8:13:510:22:40
74MUÑOZ GRANDON Paola Andrea SWA CHI 8:17:100:25:59
75RIFFEL Christa* CSR GER 8:18:570:27:46
76MORZENTI Lisa* BPK ITA 8:19:090:27:58
77GARNER Lucy WHT GBR 8:19:210:28:10

Men's Results: 2018 Amgen Tour of California

1BERNAL GOMEZ Egan Arley*SKYCOL25:34:190:00:00
2VAN GARDEREN TejayBMCUSA25:35:440:01:25
3MARTINEZ POVEDA Daniel Felipe*EFDCOL25:36:330:02:14
4YATES AdamMTSGBR25:36:350:02:16
5GEOGHEGAN HART TaoSKYGBR25:36:470:02:28
6MAJKA RafalBOHPOL25:37:200:03:01
7MCNULTY Brandon*RLYUSA25:37:470:03:28
8DE PLUS LaurensQSTBEL25:38:090:03:50
9ÐURASEK KristijanUADCRO25:38:180:03:59
10FRANK MathiasALMSUI25:38:200:04:01
11MANNION GavinUHCUSA25:39:590:05:40
12RAVASI EdwardUADITA25:40:300:06:11
13TOLHOEK AntwanTLJNED25:41:220:07:03
14GUERREIRO RúbenTFSPOR25:41:240:07:05
15POWLESS Neilson*TLJUSA25:41:440:07:25
16BRITTON RobertRLYCAN25:41:520:07:33
17STETINA PeterTFSUSA25:42:160:07:57
18CONCI Nicola*TFSITA25:42:260:08:07
19SKUJINS TomsTFSLAT25:42:290:08:10
20BOSWELL IanTKAUSA25:42:430:08:24
21BOOKWALTER BrentBMCUSA25:44:140:09:55
22FABBRO MatteoTKAITA25:44:350:10:16
23BARTA William*HBAUSA25:44:520:10:33
24BENNETT Sean*HBAUSA25:47:390:13:20
25GAUTIER CyrilALMFRA25:48:590:14:40
26EISENHART Taylor (T.J.)HCAUSA25:49:140:14:55
27HENAO GOMEZ SebastianSKYCOL25:49:460:15:27
28BAUER JackMTSNZL25:49:460:15:27
29ROSSKOPF JosephBMCUSA25:49:590:15:40
30SCHÄR MichaelBMCSUI25:50:520:16:33
31SIVAKOV Pavel*SKYRUS25:51:150:16:56
32AIT EL ABDIA AnassUADMAR25:51:210:17:02
33ASGREEN KasperQSTDEN25:52:440:18:25
34OLIVEIRA Ivo*HBAPOR25:52:540:18:35
35POLJANSKI PawelBOHPOL25:54:300:20:11
36HINDLEY Jai*SUNAUS25:54:560:20:37
37WYSS DaniloBMCSUI25:56:300:22:11
38SLAGTER Tom-JelteDDDNED25:56:310:22:12
39GASTAUER BenALMLUX25:56:360:22:17
40TVETCOV SergheiUHCROU25:56:480:22:29
41DE TIER FlorisTLJBEL25:58:090:23:50
42BEVIN PatrickBMCNZL25:58:200:24:01
43KUSS SeppTLJUSA25:58:510:24:32
44POLITT NilsTKAGER25:59:040:24:45
45HOWES AlexEFDUSA26:00:170:25:58
46MORTON LachlanDDDAUS26:01:430:27:24
47VANDENBERGH StijnALMBEL26:02:290:28:10
48NARVAEZ Jhonnatan*QSTECU26:03:320:29:13
49KRASILNIKAU AndreiHCABLR26:04:430:30:24
50STUYVEN JasperTFSBEL26:05:140:30:55
51NAESEN OliverALMBEL26:07:160:32:57
52CRADDOCK G LawsonEFDUSA26:07:230:33:04
53REIJNEN KielTFSUSA26:10:330:36:14
54DILLIER SilvanALMSUI26:10:510:36:32
55CLARKE SimonEFDAUS26:10:530:36:34
56ROWE LukeSKYGBR26:10:540:36:35
57ARNDT NikiasSUNGER26:11:330:37:14
58SAGAN PeterBOHSVK26:12:170:37:58
59WYNANTS MaartenTLJBEL26:15:170:40:58
60BJERG Mikkel*HBADEN26:15:290:41:10
61MEZGEC LukaMTSSLO26:15:500:41:31
62BYSTRØM Sven ErikUADNOR26:16:260:42:07
63GANNA Filippo*UADITA26:16:380:42:19
64GAVIRIA RENDON FernandoQSTCOL26:16:410:42:22
65MCCABE TravisUHCUSA26:16:430:42:24
66KRISTOFF AlexanderUADNOR26:17:010:42:42
67HUFFMAN EvanRLYUSA26:18:240:44:05
68TEUNISSEN MikeSUNNED26:18:380:44:19
69NORRIS LachlanUHCAUS26:19:050:44:46
70HAEDO Lucas SebastianUHCARG26:20:170:45:58
71HAYMAN MathewMTSAUS26:20:340:46:15
72GARRISON Ian*HBAUSA26:22:130:47:54
73LEEZER ThomasTLJNED26:22:170:47:58
74HOLLENSTEIN RetoTKASUI26:22:300:48:11
75VERMOTE JulienDDDBEL26:22:350:48:16
76EWAN CalebMTSAUS26:22:530:48:34
77CARPENTER RobinRLYUSA26:22:590:48:40
78OSS DanielBOHITA26:24:000:49:41
79THOMSON Jay RobertDDDRSA26:24:510:50:32
80RAST GregoryTFSSUI26:25:060:50:47
81STANNARD IanSKYGBR26:25:090:50:50
82RICHEZE Maximiliano ArielQSTARG26:25:410:51:22
83LIENHARD FabianHCASUI26:26:000:51:41
84HAAS NathanTKAAUS26:27:030:52:44
85COSNEFROY BenoitALMFRA26:28:250:54:06
86MAGNER TylerRLYUSA26:29:170:54:58
87PHINNEY TaylorEFDUSA26:29:470:55:28
88MURPHY JohnHCAUSA26:29:560:55:37
89PUTT TannerUHCUSA26:30:130:55:54
90HODEG CHAGUI Alvaro Jose*QSTCOL26:30:530:56:34
91BODNAR MaciejBOHPOL26:31:000:56:41
92HEPBURN MichaelMTSAUS26:31:320:57:13
93ZABEL RickTKAGER26:32:170:57:58
94FRÖHLINGER JohannesSUNGER26:32:330:58:14
95MCLAY DanielEFDGBR26:32:440:58:25
96RICE Michael*HBAAUS26:32:560:58:37
97KEISSE IljoQSTBEL26:33:010:58:42
98CAVENDISH MarkDDDGBR26:33:190:59:00
99BRYON MiguelHCAUSA26:33:270:59:08
100PATE DannyRLYUSA26:33:420:59:23
101KLUGE RogerMTSGER26:34:090:59:50
102DAVIES ScottDDDGBR26:34:451:00:26
103OWEN LoganEFDUSA26:35:281:01:09
104CLARKE JonathanUHCAUS26:36:171:01:58
105KITTEL MarcelTKAGER26:37:171:02:58
106VAN HOOYDONCK NathanBMCBEL26:37:561:03:37
107RENSHAW MarkDDDAUS26:38:421:04:23
108DE VOS AdamRLYCAN26:38:451:04:26
109WALSCHEID Maximilian RichardSUNGER26:39:081:04:49
110SAGAN JurajBOHSVK26:39:371:05:18
111STAMSNIJDER TomSUNNED26:40:311:06:12
112KOLÁR MichalBOHSVK26:43:161:08:57