Eli Iserbyt continued his dominant season with a 48 second victory at an extremely muddy Hoogerheide World Cup, wrapping up the overall 2014/2015 World Cup title in the process.

Eli Iserbyt dominated the Junior Men's race in Hoogerheide and wrapped his overall World Cup win.

Eli Iserbyt dominated the Junior Men’s race in Hoogerheide and wrapped his overall World Cup win.

Newly-crowned US Junior Cyclocross National Champion Gage Hecht had a great start, rocketing down the long starting pavement sitting in sixth, and then moving up quickly as the group hit the dirt. Hecht would hit the first muddy hairpin descent on foot at the front, leading the entire field around the off camber downhill turn.

Iserbyt would pass Hecht and run away with the day’s victory and World Cup title, but Hecht would fight tooth and nail to make sure that Iserbyt would be the only one to pass him in his fight for second.

Gage Hecht in firm control after Lance Haidet's mechanical at the 2015 Cyclocross National Championships in Austin. © Cyclocross Magazine

Gage Hecht is used to riding at the front as seen here at the 2015 Cyclocross National Championships, and led the entire field on lap one in Hoogergheide. © Cyclocross Magazine

By the end, only Dutch racer Roel van der Stegen would also get by him, leaving Hecht to finish third, just five seconds out of second.

American Lance Haidet, who led the early laps at the Junior Men’s race at the 2015 National Championships, finished in 18th, while Brannan Fix finished in 29th. Cooper Willsey finish in 46th.

Canada sent more Junior racers to the 2015 Hoogerheide World Cup than the US, with Quinton Disera the top finisher in 31st. Willem Boersma finished in 44th, Oliver Evans in 57th, Stefan Ritter in 62nd, and Liam Mulcahy in 63rd.

Great Britian also sent a large Junior team. British Junior Arthur Green was 26th, Williams Gascoyne was 34th, Joshua Waters was 55th, and Alfie Moses finished 58th.

Full 2015 Hoogerheide Junior Men’s results below the poll.

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2015 UCI World Cup #6, Hoogerheide – Junior Men’s Results:

1Eli ISERBYTBEL1837:40:0030
2Roel VAN DER STEGENNED1838:28:0020
3Gage HECHTUSA1738:33:0015
4Jappe JASPERSBEL1738:40:0012
5Jakob DORIGONIITA1738:47:0010
6Stefano SALAITA1838:51:008
7Émile CANALFRA1838:53:006
8Jens DEKKERNED1738:55:004
9Quentin SIMONFRA1838:55:002
10Max GULICKXNED1839:03:001
11Maik VAN DER HEIJDENNED1839:14:00
12Jarne DRIESENBEL1739:18:00
13Sandy DUJARDINFRA1839:19:00
14Eddy FINEFRA1839:20:00
15Mitch GROOTNED1739:26:00
16Thijs WOLSINKNED1739:36:00
17Giorgio ROSSIITA1839:40:00
18Lance HAIDETUSA1839:40:00
19Lander LOOCKXBEL1839:48:00
20Han DEVOSBEL1839:53:00
21Mart MUSKENSNED1840:01:00
22Matej ULIKSVK1840:10:00
23Kevin KUHNSUI1740:15:00
24Daniel SMARZAROITA1840:19:00
25Per WIGGERSNED1840:21:00
26Arthur GREENGBR1840:22:00
27Alexis BOURMAUDFRA1840:25:00
28Kevin GENIETSLUX1840:28:00
29Brannan FIXUSA1840:32:00
30Seppe ROMBOUTSBEL1740:42:00
31Quinton DISERACAN1740:49:00
32Joël GRABSUI1840:50:00
33Jokin ALBERDIESP1740:57:00
34William GASCOYNEGBR1741:01:00
35Alessio DHOOREBEL1741:05:00
36Yannick VRIELINKNED1741:11:00
37Jon GIL RANEROESP1841:13:00
38Wesley FLORENNED1841:22:00
39Raphael SCHRÖDERGER1841:25:00
40Tom REESLUX1841:25:00
41Jaroslav VOJIRCZE1841:28:00
42Maximilian MOBISGER1741:33:00
43Ludwig CORDSGER1841:43:00
44Willem BOERSMACAN1841:45:00
45Antonio FOLCARELLIITA1741:46:00
46Cooper WILLSEYUSA1841:50:00
47Paul RUDOLPHGER1741:50:00
48Dylan BOUWMANSNED1841:51:00
49Lukas KUNTCZE1841:54:00
50Michel RIESLUX1742:00:00
51Josef JELINEKCZE1742:02:00
52Martin MATEJCEKCZE1842:07:00
53Tarik HAUPTGER1742:10:00
54Noah FRIESLUX1742:11:00
55Joshua WATERSGBR1742:17:00
56Ryo TAKEUCHIJPN1842:28:00
57Olivier EVANSCAN1742:37:00
58Alfie MOSESGBR1742:48:00
59Colin HEIDERSCHEIDLUX1743:00:00
60Nicholas SMITHAUS1843:00:00
61Pit LEYDERLUX1843:04:00
62Stefan RITTERCAN1743:11:00
63Liam MULCAHYCAN1843:30:00
64Mario JUNQUERAESP1843:59:00
65Kristian ZIMANYSVK1845:08:00
66Josef BARTIPANCZE1845:08:00
67Noah BARROWAUS1745:26:00
68Jakub KURTYSVK18
71Masaki YAMADAJPN18