Update: Full results added, along with some notes on the combined Junior race and Junior Women getting pulled after one lap.

Turner Ramsay (KMS Cycling / Killington Mtn. School), left, reacts to getting the one-lap-to-go bell and then being pulled for the win. © Brian Nelson

Turner Ramsay (KMS Cycling / Killington Mtn. School), left, reacts to getting the one-lap-to-go bell and then being pulled for the win. © Brian Nelson

Junior Men 15-16

The first race of the day started off with an unfortunate crash on the pavement, with Denzel Stephenson (Boulder Junior Cycling) pulling away early from the chaos to take the holeshot. Evan Clouse (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano) was the first contender to chase a surging Stephenson in the first half of the first lap.

Scott Funston (RAD Racing NW getting the gold in the Junior Men's 15-16 race. © Brian Nelson

Scott Funston (RAD Racing NW getting the gold in the Junior Men’s 15-16 race. © Brian Nelson

The lower half of the course showed how sticky the mud was becoming in the week. The slipping was far less intense than the races seen on Saturday, but stays were getting clogged and derailleur hangers were snapping with frightening consistency.

Clouse and Funston had an epic battle for the Junior Men's 15-16 National Championship. © Cyclocross Magazine

Clouse and Funston had an epic battle for the Junior Men’s 15-16 National Championship. © Cyclocross Magazine

Scott Funston (Rad Racing NW) was able to surge forward before the second lap, and took the lead with Clouse in tow. In the second lap of the three lap race, the top five riders spaced themselves out, with Funston in the lead, Clouse second, Stephenson in third, Andrew Schmidt (Hincapie Development team) fourth and Calder Wood (Rad Racing NW) fifth.

“Evan was slow going through the running part,” Funston recapped after the race. “There I was able to pass. Apparently he had a mechanical, which really sucks because I thought it was going to be a slugfest until the end. I don’t think I would have won, because I was just dead.”

While Funston races on some weekends, he is mainly a cross country runner at his high school, a discipline that he readily admitted to helping him on the run-heavy course of the day.

Junior Women 15-16

The Junior Women 15-16 were the last of a three age group race to take off from the start, and all the riders and parents were warned before the race and at the startline that the finish could get confusing: after all, the Junior Women 15-16 were slotted to race a 30 minute race amongst other fields that were due to race ten minutes longer.

Ramsay Turner (KMS Cycling / Killington Mtn. School) was given the lap bell and then pulled for the win. © Brian Nelson

Turner Ramsay  (KMS Cycling / Killington Mtn. School) was given the lap bell and then pulled for the win. © Brian Nelson

The lap count was off for them, the announcers told the winner that there was still one lap to go, the winner was then pulled to the side to leave, and it was then she realized she was the winner. Turner Ramsay (KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School) was the one consistent in the race. The young New England rider rode so well, she shed any possibility of controversy from the race. She was unarguably the winner of the 15-16 age group, not only riding through the traffic of 17-18 year old Junior women, but 17-18 year old Junior men that started a full two minutes before she was off on the starting blocks.

Kennedy Adams (WAS Labs Cycling) arrived for second, and Alijah Beatty (Northstar Development) came in for third.

“They were ringing the bell for me,” Ramsey told us after the race, thinking she still had a lap to go. “I was so confused. I [originally] put my hands up, they rung the bell for me, I went back to sprinting, and then a lady pulled me, but I was so excited… I was worried about how there were so many fields, but everyone got out of my way, which was really nice.”

“I was worried about the mud,” she said of the course. “[During pre-riding] I kept dropping my chain near the pits. My dad and I then looked at the sections I needed to run.” The strategy played out well as she took a commanding win on the day.

See the full interview with Turner Ramsay here.

Update: Prior to the race, Cyclocross Magazine asked USA Cycling’s Micah Rice about the peculiar field combinations, pairing the oldest, and presumably fastest Junior 17-18 Men with the youngest and presumably slowest Junior 15-16 women along with the Junior 17-18 women and Rice said it was simply a matter of field sizes, with the Junior 15-16 men’s field size as large as the other three fields combined, making scoring difficult and crowding the course if that field was combined with any other. Racers and parents were informed the night before, and would be informed before the race about the risks of their race being cut short, according to Rice.

But when Junior 15-16 women were pulled after just one lap, it still surprised them. Racers weren’t the only ones upset about getting pulled after one lap. See Colin Reuter’s opinion on the matter here and here, and head USA Cycling official Dot Abbott’s response at the bottom of this post.

Junior Men 17-18

No one was surprised that American phenomenon Gage Hecht (Alpha Bicycle-Subaru) took the holeshot on Monday in the Junior Men’s race. Not only has Hecht won the Men’s Elite Race for the Colorado State Championship, but he has also taken plenty of top fives in Europe that have captured the attention of the international cyclocross community.

Gage Hect (Alpha Bicycle Co. - Vista Subaru) winning the Junior Men's 17-18 race. © Brian Nelson

Gage Hecht (Alpha Bicycle Co. – Vista Subaru) winning the Junior Men’s 17-18 race. © Brian Nelson

The race, however, was far from a guaranteed win for Hecht, who was finding and holding to ruts and pulling himself along the metal fences. Racer Lance Haidet (Bear Development Team) went on the attack in the first lap, and began dictating the pace up front, not only leading the race, but shedding Hecht from his wheel in the process.

“I had a few mishaps in the race early on,” Hecht told Cyclocross Magazine, “but I got it cleaned up.”

Cameron Beard (Cyclocrossworld) and Gavin Haley (Red Zone Cycling) also lingered in the mix up front, getting close to the leaders as the three surged around the course.

Many racers suffered jammed drivetrains, or worse, ripped rear derailleurs, due to the thick mud. © Cyclocross Magazine

Many racers suffered jammed drivetrains, or worse, ripped rear derailleurs, due to the thick mud. © Cyclocross Magazine

Haidet was finally overtaken, but the duo remained together for some time. An unfortunate mechanical brought Haidet’s race to a halt as Haley and Beard, along with man other juniors, passed him. Hecht went on to take the win, with Haley coming in second and Beard taking third.

Hecht looked at his experiences in Europe as an aid “With the courses and level of competition, there’s certainly a learning curve there.” Zilker Park was one of his favorite courses of the year, but he also admitted that Namur was up there.

Junior Women 17-18

Emma White (Cannondale p/b took off from the starting grid, getting the holeshot, and never looked back. She found redemption on a season that saw so few races completed: after not finishing at last year’s nationals after a crash on Valmont’s plunge took her out of the race, White only saw a few races in Providence before another big crash at Ellison Park in Rochester forced her to spend the rest of the 2014-15 season recovering until the Resolution Cup.

Emma White had a season she can now put behind her with a stunning win. © Cyclocross Magazine

Emma White had a season she can now put behind her with a stunning win. © Cyclocross Magazine

It wasn’t long until White was surging through the Men’s 17-18 fields. Even Richard Fries said there was no shame in being passed by a later heat considering the talent being showcased by White. She would go on to take a solo victory over two minutes faster than the runner up.

Meanwhile, Hannah Arensman (K-Edge/Felt) and Victoria Gates (JAM Fund/NCC) were battling the course out for second place. Although Arensman had the initial lead, Gates took the silver on the day with a stunning last lap that put her almost 40 seconds in front of third.

Results below official Dot Abott’s response regarding the pulling of junior racers after one or two laps:

2015 National Championships, Men's 15-16 Race

RankFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1ScottFunstonRad Racing NW31:00:00
2EvanClouseCanyon Bicycles - Shimano31:29:00
3DenzelStephensonBoulder Junior Cycling31:35:00
4AndrewSchmidtHincapie Development team31:58:00
5CalderWoodRad Racing NW32:21:00
6KevinGoguenRACE CF32:44:00
7MeyersLaytonRad Racing NW32:52:00
8BenjaminKingRad Racing NW33:22:00
9CassidyBaileyBoulder Cycle Sport Devo/BJC33:28:00
10CalebSwartzKS Energy Services / MOSH / Team Wi34:06:00
11NicholasBeirneBetter Cycling of Louisville34:50:00
12JacksonMcnearPapa John's Racing Team34:51:00
13LukeFlemingSugar Cycles/Wholesome Sweeteners34:57:00
14GregGunsalusCorner Cycle Cycling Club35:17:00
15NicJenkinsTEAM CLIF BAR Cycling35:43:00
16MatteoJorgensonBYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Squad)35:52:00
17EdwardFritzingerPapa John's Racing Team36:07:00
18RossEllwoodBoulder Junior Cycling36:17:00
19GarrettSmithReedy Creek Bicycles36:17:00
20HenryCoppolilloTeam Rockford36:21:00
21RyanAittaniemiBay Hill Capital p/b Corner Cy36:22:00
22SamuelSpendeISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRI36:32:00
23DonovanBirkyBend Endurance Academy36:33:00
24HenryJonesBend Endurance Academy36:43:00
26IanSchwartzSDG Bellwether pb Krema Peanut Butt37:15:00
27AlexanderChristianLionhearts Junior Racing37:29:00
28BradynLange787 Racing37:58:00
30VivienRindisbacherKMS Cycling-Killington Mountain Sch38:41:00
31RileySheehanBoulder Junior Cycling38:41:00
32DrewSotebeerAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru39:13:00
33JackCrumpRed Zone Cycling39:59:00
35BraydenBuchananRad Racing NW41:26:00
37SamNoelOnion River Sports41:56:00
38EvanGoldbergRock Creek Velo42:26:00
39LiamHoloweskoHot Tubes Development Cycling Team, 43:26:00
40ColeWeidenbach787 Racing45:10:00
41RyanFarrisEvolution Jr. Devo Team@1Lap
42NolanBrunnerBoulder Junior Cycling@1Lap
43ChrisHeuserTeam Bicycle Heaven@1Lap
44NickGordonMinnesota Junior Cycling, Inc. @1Lap
47JackM stensonRage Cycling Team@1Lap
48JosephLukensPDX DEVO Junior Cycling Team@1Lap
49JonahThompsonHigh Desert Bicycles Team@1Lap
50EthanWrightBoulder Junior Cycling@1Lap
51IanAndersonBicycle Heaven / PVA@1Lap
52SebastianLogueGus Cycling@1Lap
53SawyerBrownBicycle Heaven / PVA@1Lap
54TallonPemberton787 Racing@1Lap
55AlexanderStanleyKCOI U20@1Lap
56MarkMylesBe Real Sports@1Lap
57WileyMeltonRealD Cycling Team@1Lap
59PhilipWallaceBend Endurance Academy@2Lap
60MitchellThorntonFischer Plumbing Cycling Team@2Lap
61AustinSchneiderNorthwest Cycling Club@2Lap
62SamZivinCycle U@2Lap
63ElijahTrotterCyclocross Project 2015@2Lap
DNFBryceBierwirthNM Devo
DNFJohnKetterhagen787 Racing

2015 National Championships, Women's 15-16 Race

RankFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1TurnerRamsayKMS Cycling-Killington Mountain Sch26:12:00
2KennedyAdamsWAS Labs Cycling27:04:00
3AlijahBeattyNorthStar Development28:13:00
4AshleyZoernerAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru28:13:00
5AnyaMalarskiNorthStar Development Cycling29:13:00
6CarrleySmithBoulder Junior Cycling31:32:00
7AbigailYoungwerthBYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Squad)33:18:00
8HannahMavisBend Endurance Academy@1Lap
10SummerMoakK-Edge Felt Cyclocross Team@1Lap
11CiaraMacdonaldRad Racing NW@1Lap
12AmeliaVan maldegiamSpin Doctor Cyclewerks CX Team@1Lap
13JessieLinderGet Out! New Mexico@1Lap
14DanielleKrebsVerdigris-Village CX Team@1Lap
15HaydenGizinskiCycle U@1Lap
16LillithAhrensEvolution Jr. Devo Team@1Lap
17ElizabethShawThe Bike Lane@1Lap

2015 National Championships, Men's 17-18 Race

PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1GageHechtAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru39:24:00
2GavinHaleyRed Zone Cycling39:42:00
4ChristopherBlevinsNCCF/ Team Specialized Juniors39:57:00
6IanKeoughChampion System p/b Keough Cyclocro40:33:00
7EthanReynoldsHot Tubes Development Cycling Team, 40:55:00
9CadeBickmoreBoulder Cycle Sport Devo/BJC41:24:00
10JerryDufourTeam Mugshots41:29:00
11LiamDunnTEAM CLIF BAR Cycling42:09:00
12EricBrunnerBoulder Cycle Sport Devo/BJC42:25:00
13JackTannerBoulder Cycle Sport Devo/BJC43:18:00
14SpencerPetrovElement Cycles43:35:00
16CormacDunnTEAM CLIF BAR Cycling44:16:00
17JordanLewisCycle-Smart Elite Team44:31:00
18StuartMcknightBoulder Cycle Sport Devo/BJC44:40:00
19LanceHaidetBear Development Team44:47:00
20EthanStormDallas Bike Works CX46:07:00
21JoshuaAndersonEssex County Velo46:25:00
22MaxlFreemanPrestige Imports/Porsche/Audi Race46:46:00
23BenWatkinsSoundpony Triad Bank47:04:00
24TannerBrowneMiller School of Albemarle p/b CBC47:51:00
25IanWilsonHot Tubes Development Cycling Team, @1Lap
26JamesFranciscoWalt's Bike Shop/Logboat Brewing Co@1Lap
27JonathanBrownTeam Bicycle Heaven@1Lap
28PeteyBottsRed Zone Cycling@1Lap
29AndyHeuserSomerset Wheelmen@1Lap
32GilbertJohnsonTeam Cycle Progression@1Lap
33PerryAndreTeam Cycle Progression@1Lap
34JamesBrookshireNCCF/ Team Specialized Juniors@2Lap
35CarterWarrenISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRI@2Lap
37ClaytonMcgrathThe TEAM SoCalCross@1Lap
38AlexGonzalezJoe's Pro Bikes@1Lap
39JorgeMunoz jr@1Lap
DNFLanceMooneySugar Cycles/Wholesome Sweeteners

2015 National Championships, Women's 17-18 Race

RankFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1EmmaWhiteCannondale Cyclocrossworld35:43:00
2VictoriaGatesJAM Fund / NCC37:52:00
3HannahArensmanK-Edge Felt Cyclocross Team38:39:00
4MackenzieGreenRed Zone Cycling38:57:00
5TizianaDehorneyLaughing Dog Team38:59:00
6SophieRussenbergerBend Endurance Academy@1Lap
8ShannonMalloryWhatcom Women Development Team@1Lap
9FionaDoughertySquadra Di Servitori@1Lap
10ClioDinanNational Capital Velo Club/UnitedHe@1Lap
11RachelDobrozsiRed Zone Cycling@1Lap
12CassieRossRad Racing NW@1Lap
13KatherineSantosRed Zone Cycling@1Lap
15KatieRyanBend Endurance Academy@1Lap
16KendraLawNorthStar Development Cycling@1Lap
17JennyLuckeNaked Women's Racing@1Lap
18PaytenManessMad Duck Racing@1Lap
19SophieMittelstadtRock Creek Velo@1Lap
20EmmaSwartzTeam Wheel & Sprocket@2Lap