Giant-sponsored racers are known for taking risks, whether it’s nose-wheelieing downhill at Jingle Cross, racing a full suspension bike in a cyclocross race against Jonathan Page, or simply starting (and then winning) SSCXWC most years. Giant-sponsored Yoann Barelli takes the cake however, with his downhill cyclocross antics.

Exactly a year ago, we saw Barelli taking to Whistler’s famed A-Line trail for some fun on a cyclocross bike. This year, he grabbed riding buddy Quentin Emeriau for some more cyclocross bike fun on the trails of Whistler.

You may not be familiar with Emeriau, but he raced cyclocross as a junior in France, and now has returned to the sport in British Columbia while working for Ride 100%.

How did this video come about?

Barelli approached Emeriau recently, saying, “Hey Q, you are the only guy [who] does cyclocross in Whistler, come ride with me, it’s gonna be funny.”

“I couldn’t refuse the offer neither hide my excitement, so I jumped into my kit from Morvélo and we got rad on Dirt Merchant,” Emeriau recalled to Cyclocross Magazine. “Well he did, but us three with the filmer just had so much fun.”

Check it out in the video below.

Video: Yoann Barelli and Quentin Emeriau Race Whistler on Cyclocross Bikes