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ASHEVILLE, North Carolina—Fried. That's how the racers looked each time they stopped for donuts in the first-ever Donut Race at the Cyclocross National Championships. Despite the aparent belly aches, everyone was in fine spirits if not fine form for this first-time event.

The race was a 15 minute sprint where racers could gain time on their competitors by consuming donuts or riding more laps. One other regulation was the riders couldn't eat more than two donuts per lap. Presumably this was for the safety of all involved.

What ensured was basically glazed mayhem. Riders charged onto an abbreviated version of the 2016 Cyclocross National Championships course, not unlike what the 9-10 and 11-12 Junior riders raced, except without a pass of Heckle Hill. Each lap just prior to the barriers they hit the "Donut Pit" where they could consume sugary goodness.

Most riders elected to eat donuts. It seemed nobody elected for the additional laps over chocolate covered, cake or glazed donuts. We can't say we didn't see riders not finishing their donuts. We can say we saw everyone having a great time.

The best part of the race was that it was for a good cause. We spoke with Tara McCathy the Event Director of USA Cycling who shared with us that the Donut Race was a fundraiser for a local Ashville, North Carolina, charity called I Dream Foundation that works to help folks with limited means to get to races and other events.

The inaugural Donut Race wasn't without issue. The self proclaimed champ, Reid Beloni, who rode the four lap event and ate eight donuts, was listed in the "official" results as third. Beloni ultimately took it in stride and shared his well-thought out strategy for the race with us—water and a singlespeed.

We were also fortunate enough to catch a mind-race interview with USA Cycling CEO Derek Bouchard-Hall and witness all the craziness that the Donut Race offered.

The Donut Race was goodness baked right in to what thus far has been a great Cyclocross Nationals.

2016 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Donut Race Full Results

1Kent ROSSHosmer Chiropractic-RPM Mortgag17:48.
2Evan GOLDBERGRock Creek Velo15:33.
3Reid BELONIGreenlife-Organic Valley p/b Hi15:50.
4Adam FULCHERRock Creek Velo18:19.
5Michael HOFFMANNuts About Granola/Hoffman DieC20:58.
6Steven BEARDSLEYHosmer Chiropractic-RPM Mortgag16:55.
7Kristy CARTERAsheville Bicycle Racing Club19:19.
8Jason WOOD16:25.
10Julie VANDERHOOPGreen Line Velo17:49.
11Gregory COOPERPrescott College18:18.
12Sean MALLOY22:36.
13Andrew ALLWEIN17:10.
14Kevin WATTCyclocross Team19:02.
15Mark FASCZEWSKITrek Greensboro Generals20:06.
16Gavin KLINEBSlow Racing22:37.
17John SMITH15:32.
18Wendy COINAsheville Bicycle Racing Club15:44.
19Mike MYRACLETrek Greensboro Generals16:07.
20Wyatt GENGLER16:56.
21Maciej KAWALKOWSKIQueen City Wheels17:38.
22William WARBURTONBend Endurance Academy17:45.
23Keith LEGGTriton Multisport Cycling Team18:30.
24John Patrick RADEMACHERQueen City Wheels18:41.
25Eric HOCKMAN16:06.
26Bryan ENGLEHammerCross20:16.
27Matthew REEVESLNC Racing p/b Octane15:42.
28Arthur MORANGreen Line Velo17:14.
29Luke WOODARD17:16.
30Elizabeth PSIAKI19:10.
31Kristen JANISZEWSKITeam BBC19:22.
32Rhys MAYLNC Racing p/b Octane20:11.
33Derek BOUCHARD-HALLDC Velo Limited20:38.
35David PRESSLEYStorm Racing Team16:49.
36Jack GRAHAMUS Military Academy17:50.
37Tracy DREWS17:59.
38Thomas FULCHERRock Creek Velo18:11.
39Erin STONE18:45.
40Wayne DELLAMAESTRAStorm Racing Team20:08.
41Shauna SWEETCrosshairs Cycling20:58.
42Marayah DEESEPortland Bicycle Studio16:54.
43Dan WRIGHTTwin Six17:20.
44Madison RAMSEYMidwest Devo18:12.
45Ryan RINN18:45.
46Kyle GISBERTTender Belly/Oskar Blues Cycloc18:56.
47Daniel SERRANOArmy Cycling Team19:39.
48Greg GIZINSKI16:07.
49Cory MAVIS17:02.
50Kelly HATCHER17:34.
51Matt GRAINGER17:49.
52Victoria SERVETASTeam NYCROSS.com19:10.
53Patrick COCHRANEssex County Velo19:38.
54Cole SIMSVantage Health Plan/Team Colvin20:16.
55Tim STRAUSSHammerCross12:05.
56James FRANCISCORed Zone Cycling15:41.
57Corey TUCKERGreen Line Velo16:40.
58Kelley MONTOYATeam KBC Devo/Aubreys Restaura16:57.
59Bob SZYMKIEWICZSlippery Sasquatch17:00.
60Brian MALARSKIOmnium Racing18:19.
61Steve SYKES18:34.
62Stephanie ROOT23:14.
63John ROOT23:17.
64Nina LAUGHLIN15:28.
65Aaron ZOERNERAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru18:28.
67Cody PHILLIPS11:25.

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