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ASHEVILLE, North Carolina—The last race of day two of the 2016 USA Cycling Cylocross National Championships saw nine riders on the start line. Seven were there to contest the Men's 70-74 race, while the other two were riding for the honor of wearing the National Champion's jersey in the 75-79 and 80+ fields, respectively.

John Elgart (Alto Velo Racing Club) lead the combined field out and was overtaken by Whitney Fanning (Geri Atrix) midway through the four lap race.

Fanning, a Waco, Texas, resident was able to maintain a manageable lead over Elgart, despite thanking spectators for cheering him on as headed down the hill and off the drop leading to the Kask flyover. Elgart rode a solid, steady race after fading a little from the start effort. Likewise, Jim Hoffmeister (All Terrain Cycling) kept it even and finished within sight of Elgart.

Those three riders—Fanning, Elgart and Hoffmeister—took the top three steps in the Men's 70-74 race.

For the 75-79 race there was but one rider, Marshall Gordon. He was riding a 30 pound mountain bike that he recently dusted off. He noted that he'd have preferred a light cyclocross bike for all the climbing present on the Asheville course.

He raced cyclocross over 25 years ago, but said he's not a natural cyclocrosser.

"I'm a pavement man. I do road, crits, time trials and track." -Marshall Gordon

Gordon downplayed his title win, citing the highlight was "the chance to race among the best racers in the world, in the country." Gordon was familiar with his competition, stating, "I had a lot of fun. It's not about me, it's about the guys I had the privilege of racing with. The seventy plus guys are just phenomenal...just to be among these guys is a privilege."


And in the 80+ race, lone competitor Fred Schmid ,also a resident of Waco, Texas like Fanning, and no stranger to National Championships—having now won 17—lamented the fact that there weren't more competitors to make the racing even more fun than it already was.

View the slide show at the bottom of the page to see video interviews of the winners and photos from the race.

1Whitney FANNINGGeri Atrix43:47.M 70-74
2John ELGARTAlto Velo Racing Club45:15.M 70-74
3Jim HOFFMEISTERAll Terrain Cycling48:02.M 70-74
4David THOMASMicro Metals/Bike Zoo41:22.M 70-74
5Frederic SCHMIDBear Mountain Wolfpack42:10.M 80-84
6James WAGNERTeam Beyer Auto49:31.M 70-74
7Paul MCKEITHANEvolution Jr. Devo Team49:50.M 70-74
8Marshall GORDON30:43.M 75-79

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Marshall Gordon is your 2016 Masters Men 75-79 Cyclocross National Champion. © Cyclocross Magazine

Marshall Gordon is your 2016 Masters Men 75-79 Cyclocross National Champion. © Cyclocross Magazine

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