The changes to the call-up procedure for the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships for Masters and younger Junior categories has caused a bit of uproar in the ‘cross community, with racers upset that the past tradition of calling up the top ten riders from the previous year’s race being officially changed to just the previous year’s winner.

It seems like all that banter has caused some action at USA Cycling, as they have posted the following file dated 9/17/08 yesterday on Sports Base Online on the start order. It now includes adding seven more riders to call ups:

Juniors 10-16, Junior Women 17-18, U23 Women, and Masters:

(1) The first rider called to the line will be the defending National Champion from the previous year if still in the same class.
(2) The next riders called to the line will be the previous year’s
second through eighth finishing positions. If a previous year’s champion from another age group moves to a different category, that rider will displace the eighth placed rider. If any of the aforementioned riders are not participating, those spots will be filled by order of registration.
(3) All other riders will be staged in the start grid by order of registration.

Although many complained the past procedure needs to be changed, this should at least allow more title contenders to have a better shot of making it to the front of the race, and please the (small) vocal group that was counting on those call ups.