Twists. In the snow. © David Baker

Twists. In the snow. © David Baker

Thanks to David Baker for the update and photo gallery of course conditions. Visit David’s blog here.

There are about three inches of snow on the course, which packs down to about 1/2 inch. Everything looks more severe in person, but it’s all rideable. I hear they are going to remove snow around the beer garden area, which is about a third of the course.

The pictures in the gallery below are roughly in order, start to finish. The road is currently packed snow: very slick for a start which will be critical if the snow is still around because you start into the section that is not going to be cleared, so good position will be critical because there may be only one line. It looks likely that the snow will still be around Thursday and Friday, but things may change by Saturday. The course could very well be clear of snow and moist (i.e. perfect) by Sunday.

Photo Gallery: