The Wheelers & Dealers race presented by Mountain Bike Magazine filled up in record time on August 1.   Within a few hours all open slots in the race were full. Elite Women’s and Men’s category registration remains open.

“The Wheelers & Dealers presented by Mountain Bike Magazine is our payback to Interbike’s working class,” notes CrossVegas co-promoter Brook Watts, “so it’s gratifying to see such a great response.  I wish we had more hours in the evening before the mandated curfew so we could offer more categories.”

Watts used the occasion to push the CrossVegas VIP packages that are available to all companies, “It’s the best entertainment bargain in Las Vegas.”

A few highly prized Wheelers & Dealers Race entries are still available as part of VIP packages.  With registration closed to the public this is the only way to get a spot in the field of industry cross racers that starts the evening of fun on Wednesday Sept. 23.

Watts concludes, “Our VIP area offers the best viewing in the park plus beer, burritos and other beverages.  It’s a great area that allows some casual mingling with the leaders of our industry.”

Complete information about CrossVegas and VIP Packages is available at