Cyclocross Magazine Race and Clinic CalendarYou’ve asked for it and we’ve built it and now it’s ready! We’ve launched the most comprehensive national cyclocross and clinic calendar. And we’ve done it in typical Cyclocross Magazine style, comprehensive and big. After all, if we’re not the place to find a cyclocross clinic or race, then we’re pretty much good for nothing.

We’ve done our best to grab every race and series, big or small. It’s got clinics and training races too. Sort, search or filter any way you want:

  • Dream of lining up in front of Sven Nys? Sort the races by UCI status to build your evil plan (and then call a shrink).
  • Want to avoid the UCI races because you like more than one set of barriers? Filter them out.
  • Got horizontal thoughts? View our slick timeline view.
  • Narrow by state, region, or date, we’ll help you plan the ultimate ‘cross race road trip (that should have started last Tuesday in Virginia and end in Norcal with the February 14th race in Santa Rosa).
  • Looking for a particular race? We’ve got a text seatrch field.
  • Want to add a race to your online calendar? Click our add to google and get personal reminders. (more calendars like Yahoo! and iCal coming if there’s demand)

Check it out at It’s also listed on our top navigation bar as well.

One small heads up: The hamsters we saved from The Humane Society that power our servers aren’t on EPO, and such functionality and 400 events take a while to load, especially if you’ve got a slower machine. But don’t fret…we’re getting the hamsters altitude chambers, a care package from Roche, and pictures of the late Pantani to put in their jersey pockets.

Back to the good stuff…if you want to see a race, clinic or event that’s missing, drop all the relevant info in the comments below the calendar, we’ll add them quickly. Northern friends rejoice, Canada is coming shortly.

And here’s how you can help keep us building and improving our online resources: Spread the word! Email your friends or throw a blog post or forum board post our way. Based on the requests we’ve had, we think your buddies will thank you.

Thanks to Jacob Sisson, Eric Lowe, and Nick Keough for their great help with this project.