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by Ricoh Riott

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina—On a course dampened by morning rain, Clara Honsinger (University of Portland) won the 2016 Collegiate Women D2 race to become a National Champion. Kaysee Armstrong (King University) and Katherine Shields (Wake Forest University) arrived second and third after all three riders had spent time at the front of the race.

With the morning showers that dogged the Men’s races clearing, 26 women lined up for the D2 Collegiate event.

At the start whistle Shields took the holeshot guiding the pack around the first corner and onto the grass. On the off-camber before the Bike Barn, Armstrong, wearing a distinctive black face mask, had taken to the front with Shields slotting into second and Honsinger not far behind, watching the pair in front.

Clara Honsinger holding her lead into the Ingles climb

Clara Honsinger holding her lead in the Women's Collegiate D2 race as she heads into the Ingles climb. 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

As Honsinger told us after the race, she doesn’t see herself as a strong starter. “I had a first place call up, but even off the front I’ll usually sit third wheel. I didn’t get a good pre ride this morning so it was good to sit back and follow other people’s wheels and get comfortable with the course.”

By the time the leaders reached the barriers towards the end of the lap, Armstrong had removed her mask and had Hosinger hot on her heels, with Shields nowhere to be seen. And by the time the next lap started, Honsinger had taken the lead and started to move away from Armstrong and the further distanced Shields.

From there it was all Honsinger as she pulled away and slowly but steadily built on her lead and by the finish had over 30 seconds on Armstrong and nearly a minute on Shields.

The race for fourth was a close one. Allison Jones (Warren Wilson College) took that spot just a single second ahead of Julie Vanderhoop (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Honsinger felt the Asheville course was similar to the courses back home in Portland, Oregon. “There’s a lot more elevation here, but otherwise it felt just like home.”

2016 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Collegiate Women's Collegiate D2 Full Results

1Clara HONSINGERUniversity of Portland37:15.
2Kaysee ARMSTRONGKing University38:22.
3Katherine SHIELDSWake Forest University39:50.
4Allison JONESWarren Wilson College40:28.
5Julie VANDERHOOPMassachusetts Institute of Tech40:48.
6Emily NORDAHLNorth Dakota State University41:29.
7Leslie LUPIENDartmouth College41:47.
8Anna MILTONFranklin and Marshall College42:02.
9Alex CHRISTOFALOSMars Hill University42:03.
10India WALLERWarren Wilson College42:33.
11Hannah SWANMilligan College43:09.
12Emily COXKing University43:19.
13Victoria GATESKing University44:05.
14Danielle CLARKFurman University44:34.
15Victoria KANIZERMilligan College45:02.
16Corrie OSBORNERipon College45:16.
17Jennifer CAICEDOKing University46:44.
18Stephanie CUCAZMilligan College48:09.
19Zoe MULLINSMilligan College48:37.
20Virginia PSZCZOLKOWSKIWarren Wilson College50:48.
21Josie RITCHIEMars Hill University36:48.
22Corey TUCKERMassachusetts Institute of Tech36:59.
23Morgan MILLERMilligan College40:00.
24Miranda GOODMANKing University28:03.
25Paige SHOOKMars Hill University28:54.
26Jinny YANUS Military Academy31:50.

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Katherine Shields and Clara Honsinger on the drop-off

Katherine Shields and Clara Honsinger on the drop-off. 2016 National Championships. © R. Riott / Cyclocross Magazine

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