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by Celeste Taylor

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina—Andrew Dillman (Marian University) earned his second Division 1 national title during Friday’s overcast race. After a drizzly morning, the course had only just begun to dry out by the start of the race but the slippery terrain didn’t seem to pose much of a challenge for Dillman, who claimed a handy victory over his competition.

The first half lap was a tight race between Dillman and Maxx Chance (University of Colorado Boulder) with Dillman choosing to ride Heckle Hill while Chance opted to run. Soon after, Dillman began to pull away from his competition and established a ten second gap to second place Ian McPherson (Fort Lewis College) who had made contact with Chance by the end of the first lap.

McPherson and Chance began the second lap neck and neck, with McPherson leading by only a second. Cody Cupp (Fort Lewis College) sat a mere ten seconds back from the second and third place riders but Kyle Trudeau (University of Arizona), Kacey Campbell (Colorado State University) and Ian McShane (Marian University) were locked in battle and hot on his trail.

Dillman continued to widen his lead on the rest of the field as McPherson and Chance traded attacks behind him. In fourth place, Cupp managed to maintain his lead but Campbell and Trudeau were steadily reeling him in. Halfway through the second lap Campbell had dropped Trudeau and was making significant progress towards catching Cupp.

On the second to last lap, Chance left McPherson with an attack that would stick for the remainder of the race. McPherson sat solidly in third as behind him and Campbell finally caught Cupp. Those two racers spent the remainder of the race battling for the final podium positions as Trudeau fought to regain his position and fend off any attacks from the strong field behind him.

Drew Dillman of Marian University defended his Collegiate D1 Men's title. © Cyclocross Magazine

Drew Dillman of Marian University defended his Collegiate D1 Men’s title. © Cyclocross Magazine

Campbell was finally able to break away from Cupp and create a ten second lead that Cupp wasn’t able to bridge for the remainder of the race. Dillman stayed steady in the front, looking relaxed while passing lapped riders.

Dillman crossed the line in 50:09, 40 seconds up on second place Chance. McPherson maintained his third place position by nearly a minute while Campbell managed to fend off Cupp to finish fourth.

Watch Drew Dillman discuss his victory and view full results and photos, below.

2016 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Men's Collegiate D1 Full Results

1Andrew DILLMANMarian University50:09.
2Maxx CHANCEUniversity of Colorado Boulder50:51.
3Ian MCPHERSONFort Lewis College51:15.
4Kacey CAMPBELLColorado State University52:05.
5Cody CUPPFort Lewis College52:12.
6Kyle TRUDEAUUniversity of Arizona52:49.
7Kolby PREBLEFort Lewis College53:06.
8Byron RICEAppalachian State University53:11.
9Garrett GERCHARUniversity of Colorado Boulder53:27.
10Alex MEUCCIUniversity of Florida54:04.
11Payson MCELVEENFort Lewis College54:07.
12Walker SHAWBrevard College54:19.
13Matthew CLEMENTSLees-McRae College54:29.
14Alex JEROMEAppalachian State University54:38.
15Lewis GAFFNEYNorth Carolina State University54:52.
16Gunnar BERGEYLees-McRae College54:54.
17Clayton OTTOLindenwood University55:01.
18John FRANCISCOUniversity of Louisville55:33.
19Richard Cypress GORRYBrevard College55:39.
20Jonathan ANDERSONFort Lewis College55:39.
21Ian MCSHANEMarian University55:55.
22Alec HOOVERLees-McRae College56:01.
23Spencer LOWDENBrevard College56:16.
24Ryan STANDISHFort Lewis College56:21.
25George GARVICKAppalachian State University57:13.
26Cory SMALLUniversity of Vermont57:35.
27Vance FLETCHERMarian University57:39.
28Samuel DOBROZSILees-McRae College58:01.
29Peter STRIEGELUniversity of Vermont48:19.
30Cormac MCGEOUGHFort Lewis College48:42.
31Justin MILLERPurdue University48:45.
32Joshua COLEBrevard College48:50.
33Luke WOODARDVirginia Polytechnic University48:50.
34David GREIFUniversity of Arizona48:51.
35Nolan VANDERZWAAGLees-McRae College49:07.
36Anders NYSTROMMarian University49:20.
37Lane JOHNSONLindenwood University49:32.
38Zachary VALDEZBrevard College49:35.
39Trever KINGSBURYBrevard College49:36.
40Jack PERRYLees-McRae College49:39.
41Nicholas LANDOUniversity of Vermont49:41.
42Douglas TORRESUniversity of New Mexico49:45.
43Benjamin KINGUniversity of Louisville49:45.
44Sam WINTERSMarian University49:58.
45Cormac DUNNUniversity of California Berkel50:01.
46Zachary NEHRMarian University50:13.
47Andrew DIETZUniversity of North Carolina at50:26.
48Rhys LOUISArizona State University50:27.
49Matthew EARMANVirginia Commonwealth Universit51:00.
50Colin MEYERHarvard University51:16.
51Blake STEPHENSONBrevard College51:35.
52Ben ROTHSCHILDGeorgia Institute of Technology51:36.
53Jonathan CRIPELouisiana State University52:26.
54Derrick BUTLERUniversity of Vermont41:42.
55Adrian ORTIZPurdue University41:42.
56John HOFFMAN JR.Marian University31:44.
57Kevin HAYSGeorge Washington University31:50.
58Reece OLESONLindenwood University32:00.
59Justin EVANSAppalachian State University32:01.
60Preston GLACEThe University of Texas at Aust32:07.
61Blake NORMANUniversity of Florida32:57.
62Derek COTELindenwood University33:19.
63Ethan LEYNorth Carolina State University33:27.
64Andrew HODGESGeorgia Institute of Technology33:34.
65Matthew ADAMSWest Virginia University34:02.
66Richard OBRIANTNorth Carolina State University34:22.
67Dylan LAWSONNorth Carolina State University34:33.
68Christopher OSBORNEUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwauk23:27.
69Jonah MEADVANCORTLindenwood University23:52.
70Sam GROSSUniversity of Arizona23:57.
71Gavin KLINEVirginia Polytechnic University24:30.
72Sebastian STURGESColorado State University24:38.
73Brian GAINESLindenwood University25:07.
74Dustin MORRISOklahoma State University25:07.
75Ian SEIBERTLindenwood University27:36.
76Larry GIBSONUniversity of North Carolina at16:09.

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Collegiate D1 Men's start, 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

Collegiate D1 Men’s start, 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

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