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ASHEVILLE, North Carolina—Friday’s Women’s Division 1 National Championship race would have been hard for anyone to call ahead of time. With a field jam-packed with talented women, many of whom also have their sights set on Sunday’s Elite U23 race, the event promised to be exciting. This year, it was Sofia Gomez Villafane (Fort Lewis College) who walked away with the gold after an impressive ride.

At the start, Laurel Rathbun (Marian University) took the holeshot, narrowly squeezing out Melissa Seib (University of Vermont). By the time the field reached the first off-camber section Gomez had edged her way around the competition and was working to put as much real estate as possible between herself and a chase group made up of Rathbun, Allison Arensman (Brevard College) and Hannah Finchamp (Lindenwood University). A stumble on the off-camber put Gomez Villafane into third behind Arensman and Rathbun but moments later she was back in front.

The end of the first lap saw Gomez Villafane leading by six seconds with Arensman clearly putting in the work to catch her. Hannah Finchamp was doing her best to chase down third place Rathbun, who had finished just in front of her in fourth in 2015.

Tiziana Dehorney (University of New Mexico) last year’s eighth place finisher, was fighting hard to shake off Jennifer Malik (Ohio State University) and make her way up to Finchamp and Rathbun’s back and forth battling.

Finchamp managed to make her way around Rathbun but Rathbun showed no intention of giving up. Instead, the two traded attacks for nearly half the race as Dehorney struggled to catch the dueling pair.

Sofia Gomez Vllafane on her way to the Womne's Collegiate D1 title, 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

Sofia Gomez Villafane on her way to the Women’s Collegiate D1 title, 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

As Gomez Villafane passed through onto her third lap her lead had more than doubled to 13 seconds, while Arensman had managed to gap her nearest chaser by over 40 seconds. During the rest of the race, Gomez Villafane’s lead continued to grow and she finished first by an impressive 39 seconds. Arensman finished second by an even larger margin of 50 seconds over Rathbun.

Rathbun managed to shake off Finchamp just before the beginning of the bell lap to claim that bronze medal, while Dehorney, who seemed to grow stronger as the race went on, came just shy of out-sprinting Finchamp, who finished fourth.

Watch Gomez Villafane discuss her victory and view full results below.

2016 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Collegiate Women's Collegiate D1 Full Results

1Sofia GOMEZ VILLAFANEFort Lewis College36:07.
2Allison ARENSMANBrevard College36:46.
3Laurel RATHBUNMarian University37:34.
4Hannah FINCHAMPLindenwood University37:48.
5Tiziana DEHORNEYUniversity of New Mexico37:50.
6Jennifer MALIKOhio State University38:27.
7Emily SHIELDSUniversity of North Carolina at38:56.
8Emma SWARTZMarian University38:56.
9Ksenia LEPIKHINAUniversity of Colorado Boulder39:10.
10Melissa SEIBUniversity of Vermont39:47.
11Mackenzie GREENMarian University40:05.
12Gabriella ARNOLDMarian University40:06.
13Jenna MACPHERSONFort Lewis College40:12.
14Emily ELBERSMarian University40:48.
15Kimberly FLYNNUniversity of North Carolina at41:15.
16Katherine SANTOSMarian University41:47.
17Melanie BEALEUniversity of Colorado Boulder41:57.
18Janelle COLEBrevard College42:24.
19Samantha MIRANDABrevard College42:35.
20Sarah HILLBrevard College42:54.
21Emma KLINGAMANLees-McRae College43:21.
22Elizabeth WHITEUniversity of Vermont44:02.
23Corrie KARASMarian University44:18.
24Kathleen ONEILVirginia Polytechnic University44:43.
25Emily BRAMELLindenwood University45:37.
26Nicole MIRANDABrevard College46:32.
27Meghan OWENSUniversity of Vermont47:12.
28Erin QUINNFort Lewis College47:25.
29Mackenzie KOTHUniversity of Florida36:04.
30Emily NEICEMarian University36:55.
31Ashley WEAVERLindenwood University43:33.
32Mccauley SMITHFort Lewis College26:54.
33Maria HYDEUniversity of Florida31:02.
34Kaitlyn LAWRENCELees-McRae College16:42.

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Marian is always a force to be reckon with in the Collegiate title race. Collegiate D1 Women, 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

Marian is always a force to be reckon with in the Collegiate title race. Collegiate D1 Women, 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

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