Russell Stevenson and Jake Wells in their photo finish. © Matthew Lasala

Russell Stevenson and Jake Wells in their photo finish. © Matthew Lasala

We’re still digging out from under our pile of photos and videos from Nationals this past week—one of our photographers alone clocked in with 1400 photos just from Sunday’s races! So this week, we’ll be showcasing some of the many stories from the week that we may have missed in our efforts to bring you the most up to date race reporting during the event. First, we’re taking a look back at the winner of the Men’s 35-39 race in a hotly contested sprint, Russ Stevenson.

On the race... This was a course that demanded 100% of everything cyclocross, not just pedaling. I was worried the whole race. I was worried at least once or twice a lap because I couldn’t get my pedal, or I would dab, or I would be off line and in the bushes or doing something wrong.

On the sprint… I was fearful that this just wasn’t my day but I just told myself just not stop, just don’t stop until the end.

On his bike... My bike felt like a tricycle with one and a half gears. It was popcorn, popcorn, skip, skip, skip all the way down and I just kept standing on it saying, ‘please stay together.’

On the course… Pete manufactured some crazyness. This was like our Wednesday Valmont, Wednesday Worlds on steroids. It was bigger and badder and gnarlier and heavy weight.

On ‘recovery’… I’m going to go have a cold Chimay with my bros.

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