by Head Nutcase Normon Thibault

If you only get out of bed on one day in one year to go race a bike…this Saturday the 31st of October should be it. Come out to the Nutcase Intercontinental Single Speed Cross Championships of the Universe (NISSCCOTU). Not to be confused with that other, smaller singlespeed race, the SSCXWC.

Bring your mountain bike…bring your cross bike…hell someone even rode this course on a cruiser last year…and a BMX bike the year before that.

Just get your butt to Fletchers Farm.  This will be a race like no other one we have held before.  People will talk about if for months.  Parents will tell their children…and their parents about it…it will be legendary!

One race.  One gear.  One Champion…..OK 2 Champions…one male and one female!

BBQ. Goodies. And much more…we don’t want to give away too much.

We have heard the singlespeed World Champ in his Golden Speedo, Drew MacKenzie, will be there.

We have sent e-mails to Mr. MTB Single Speed himself, King Grasby. Will he show?

Who will be crowned the Nutcase Champion??

There is ALSO an all comers all gears event with STRICT registration restrictions earlier in the day. PLUS kids races at noon on a shortened course.

Brief race guidelines:

This race will be the CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT.  Anyone can enter this race (even if you fit the description of the above mentioned races).  In order to enter the CHAMPIONSHIP event your bike must only have and can only have ONE functional gear.  By functional we mean you can have your regular cassette or shifters BUT it must be made impossible for you to change gears in any way.  If you are entering this event you must present your machine at registration for inspection.  All men, women, and trans gender racers will race together if they want to race the championship event.

For more info: