Jeremy returns to the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross’ third weekend, the Derby City Cup, in episode 10 of Behind THE Barriers! After tracking down his phone— which we learn has a tendency to run away from time to time — it’s off to the venue to meet up and shoot the breeze with some of Jeremy’s friends and competition. Before long, it’s race time, and Jeremy finds himself locked in battle with Ryan Trebon, the current USGP overall leader and one of the most in-form riders on the American cyclocross scene. After a great final lap duel, Jeremy takes the win with a sprint finish! Following the race, Jeremy makes the interview rounds, and Behind THE Barriers captures the infamous “lost interview” with Cyclingdirt. Finally, after an unnerving cab ride courtesy of Freddy Kreuger, it’s off to dinner and the hotel, where Jeremy and the Rapha-Focus crew definitely do not set off the building’s fire alarm!

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