Behind THE Barriers kicks off the new season with a trip to Seattle, Washington, for Rapha StarCrossed, and follows that up with a trip down south to attend Clif Bar Cross Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada! Behind THE Barriers opens up with the first weekend of Jeremy Powers’ season, picking up where Season 3 left off. Jeremy is fresh off of the Tour of Alberta and gearing up for what could be his biggest season yet. In the mean time, Jeremy’s been hard at work getting BTB TV off the ground, and in between getting a haircut and meeting up with some of the key components of the Northwest cycling scene, Jeremy’s managed to find some time to go out and take home the win at StarCrossed. As a reward, it’s off to Top Pot Donuts to experience some local flavor.

After that, it’s off to Las Vegas for CrossVegas, one of the biggest races on the American calendar, and for Interbike, the annual meet-up of all of cycling’s biggest personalities. Speaking of big personalities, World Champion Sven Nys is in town for the festivities, and has a target squarely on his back, one that defending CrossVegas champion Jeremy Powers is taking aim at. Nys manages to back up his rainbow stripes, but Jeremy comes in a valiant second place. Come along for the ride for the first episode of the season!