As we reported on last month, the Appalachian Classic Gravel Race (called La Classique des Appalaches in Quebec) will still be getting underway, taking place on the same weekend as the Montreal World Cup was originally planned for before being cancelled in the 2015-16 season.

For those out there who love a year balanced between cyclocross and gravel racing, the Appalachian Classic Gravel Race serves as a great finale for gravel races. The race will be held in the Victoriaville region, and the timing of the event in Quebec allow for foliage conditions much like New England’s Holy-Week of Cyclocross later in the year, where the trees leaves are in the process of turning colors.

The race put on a promotional video above, revealing a course that not only looks to provide scenic climbing, but offers even more climbs on those climbs. Apparently, the promoter is rewriting the laws of physics, and what goes up, must go up again. More info: