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Coronavirus Claims NAHBS, Will Sea Otter Be Next?

NAHBS 2020 is postponed due to the Coronavirus, and it appears the 2020 Sea Otter Classic may follow. Get the latest on this breaking story.

NAHBS 2019: T-Lab All-Terrain X3 Titanium Gravel / Adventure Bike

Quebec’s T-Lab Bikes showed off its All-Terrain X3 gravel/adventure bike tubing uniquely shaped in an effort to offer better performance and weight savings.

NAHBS 2019: Co-Motion’s Made-in-Oregon Steelhead Tandem and Klatch Gravel Bikes

Co-Motion displayed its Steelhead tandem for two and updated steel Klatch gravel bike at the 2019 NAHBS. We take a look at the made-in-Oregon bikes.

NAHBS 2019: Everything But Bike Frames New Product Round-Up

Robert Axle, Simworks, Clever Standard, Cinq, Outer Shell, Enduro Bearings, Alex Rims and Velosport displayed new, non-bike-frame products at NAHBS 2019.

NAHBS 2019: Crumpton Cycles Custom Carbon Type 5 Disc Gravel Bike

Crumpton Cycles is an elder statesman of the custom carbon world, but the company showed off the newest Type 5 Disc gravel bike at NAHBS 2019.

NAHBS 2019: Thomson Expands Its Horizons with Titanium Gravel Prototype

Thomson showed off a prototype titanium gravel bike built up with Thomson parts at the 2019 NAHBS show. We take a first look at the forthcoming bike.

NAHBS 2019: Rock Lobster Shows off World Cup Race Bike, Special Bike for Two

Rock Lobster Cycles showed off an alloy World Cup cyclocross bike and a special tandem at the 2019 NAHBS show. We take a closer look at the two bikes.

NAHBS 2019: DeSalvo Cycles’ Curley, the 20th Anniversary Steel Gravel Bike

To celebrate 20 years in the business, DeSalvo Cycles has a 20th anniversary “Curley” steel gravel bike that celebrates the company’s roots.

NAHBS 2019: England’s Enigma Bikes Solves the Riddle of Custom Titanium and Steel

There was little mystery behind the eye-catching custom titanium cyclocross and gravel bikes England’s Enigma Bikes had on display at 2019 NAHBS.

2019 NAHBS: T Red Muur Made-in-Italy Titanium Monster Cross / Gravel Bike

Italy’s T Red built its Muur titanium monster cross / gravel bike by hand with materials from Italy. Take a closer look at this versatile, wide-tire bike.

NAHBS 2019: Seven Cycles Evergreen Pro SL Best Gravel Bike Winner

The Seven Cycles Evergreen Pro SL titanium gravel bike won the Best Gravel Bike award at teh 2019 NAHBS. Take a closer look at the eye-catching winner.

NAHBS 2019: McGovern Cycles’ Best Cyclocross Bike Winner

Builder and coach Chris McGovern added another two-wheel victory to his palmarès on Saturday at NAHBS 2019 in Sacramento.

NAHBS Is Coming: Win Three-Day Passes, After-Party Tickets – Winners Announced

2019 NAHBS Sacramento is just a few weeks away. We’re giving away three-day passes and after-party tickets to the year’s best handmade bicycle show.

2019 NAHBS Descends on Sacramento, March 15-17 – Tickets on Sale

The 2019 North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) returns to Sacramento on March 15-17. Info on this year’s show, tickets and a discount for readers.

NAHBS 2018 Photo Gallery: Gravel Bikes for the Road Less Traveled

Our third NAHBS 2018 photo gallery features more hand-crafted gravel bikes ready for the road less traveled. Take a look before they get dirty while trailblazing.

NAHBS 2018 Photo Gallery: Cyclocross and Gravel Bikes

Get a look at these handmade cyclocross and gravel bikes before they get dirty. This gallery covers more 2018 North American Handmade Bicycle Show works of craftmanship and art.

NAHBS 2018 Photo Gallery: All-Road and Utility Bikes Ready For Adventure and More

Impressive all-road and utility craftmanship and artistry was on display at the 2018 North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) this year. We look at some of the machines.

NAHBS 2017: Paul Components Balances Old School & New School

NAHBS isn’t just a framebuilder’s show. It’s a show dedicated to the passion in the sport, and Paul Components brings that in spades.

NAHBS 2017: Moots and Chris King Bring Emerald Jewel

Moots, the titanium wizards out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, teamed up with Chris King on a gravel race bike with limited edition bits.

NAHBS 2017: Gevenalle Brings the Cyclocross Love

Portland-based Gevenalle showed its cyclocross-specific product on two bikes with drool-worthy back-stories: Stumptown’s java and the Fat Chance legend

NAHBS 2017: Peacock Groove’s Prince Tribute Bike

Like its tributee, this build is polarizing, energetic, and just plain fun. We’re eager to hear what your favorite detail is on this gravel-capable bike.

NAHBS 2017: Shamrock Cycles’ Pot of Gravel Gold

Tim O’Donnell of Shamrock Cycles showcased a beautiful build at NAHBS 2017. We cover this Rotor Uno-equipped eye candy for St. Patrick’s Day treat.

NAHBS 2017: Mosaic Cycles GT-1 Best Gravel Bike Award Winner

This year, NAHBS separated the cyclocross and gravel categories, and Mosaic took advantage by winning the gravel category with this blue beauty, a titanium GT-1 gravel bike.

NAHBS 2017: Hollie McGovern’s Namesake ‘Cross Bike

NAHBS 2017: Donhou DSSX – Best Cyclocross Bike Award Winner

Donhou Bicycles from the UK took home the award for Best Cyclocross Bike at NAHBS this year with his steel-framed DSSX with disc brakes, wide tires and a mix of tubing.

NAHBS 2017: Appleman’s Pink Glazed Gravel Doughnut Bike

Appleman Bicycles sweetened its gravel offering at NAHBS 2017 with a pink frosted doughnut bike served up for gravel. It’s fresh, offers sprinkles, but it will cost you.

NAHBS 2017: Dean Bikes Pretty-in-Pink Titanium Singlespeed Cyclocross Bike

In a show filled with shiny metal and matte carbon, it’s only appropriate that a hot pink titanium cyclocross frame from Dean Bikes caught our eye at NAHBS 2017.

NAHBS Builder: Mosaic Bespoke Bicycles Still Draws A Crowd

We’re winding down our 2016 NAHBS coverage, but have saved some of what we think is the best for last, like a look at Mosaic Bespoke Bicycles.

NAHBS Wheels: Boyd Cycling Shows Off New Altamont Lite Disc Wheels and More

Boyd Cycling first offered frames, wheels and more, but decided a focused approach on wheels was going to be better in the long run. Thus far, it has been proven correct.

NAHBS Look Back: Gevenalle Offers Options for Cyclocross and Gravel Riders

We were excited to see Gevenalle’s offerings at NAHBS as the brand’s DIY ethos and premium on reliability speak to many of us here and we thought it worth another look at what we saw in Sacramento.

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