After the Paris-Roubaix, we noted the outsized influence the famous French race has on gravel events in the U.S. SoCal’s Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride decided to go a slightly different route by paying homage to the Belgian Spring Classics. The race kicks off with a Belgian waffle feast and ends with beers from The Lost Abbey, and in between there are climbs and rough roads worthy of a race like the Tour of Flanders.

Waffles at the 2018 Belgian Waffle Ride. photo: Bob Fetherston

Waffles at the 2018 Belgian Waffle Ride. photo: Bob Fetherston

Held in San Diego North Country and now in its seventh year, the Belgian Waffle Ride draws an impressive array of talent ready to throw down on the unique and challenging 140-mile course. Along the way, riders tackle 13 categorized climbs, 13,000+ feet of climbing and 17 dirt sections ranging from “long” to “ugly.” The embed below shows one of the sections that falls toward the “ugly” end of the spectrum.

The Belgian Waffle Ride features two waves of riders, and for those looking for something with a little less syrupy and dense, there is a 68-mile Belgian Wafer Ride held on the same day.

The 2018 Women’s winner was 2017 Leadville 100 winner, SoCal native and high school math teacher Larissa Connors. Connors finished over 30 minutes ahead of second-place finisher Laura King. As if her impressive ride needed more embellishment, the field also featured 2017 Dirty Kanza 200 winner Alison Tetrick (3rd) and 2018 Land Run 100 winner Amanda Nauman (9th).

The Men’s race was much closer, with Brian McCulloch topping Ted King by a mere second. The two finished the 140-mile ride in 6 hours, 34 minutes and 29 and 30 seconds, respectively. Ulises Castillo rounded out the podium, finishing three minutes behind the two leaders.

Full Women’s results and the top 100 Men’s finishers are below.

Women's Results: 2018 Belgian Waffle Ride

1Connors- Larissa30007.17.16
2King- Laura31807.49.49
3Tetrick- Alison33107.55.00
4Gregg- Amity31508.01.53
5Smith- Pia33008.19.37
6Nalder- Breanne32708.27.54
7Fiolka- Leeann31308.27.54
8Patrick- Christi32808.34.46
9Nauman- Amanda30108.37.12
10Anderson- Annabel33708.53.00
11aston- sally30408.54.31
12Perry- Anne32909.07.22
13Zuckerman- Wilhelmina33509.26.43
14Hoechlin- Lori31609.26.49
15King- Kemi31709.30.02
16Kingry- Gretchen31909.40.24
17Maples- Liz32309.40.25
18Wiseman- Courtney58109.49.36
19MAYER- KRISTIN32509.49.38
20Bonnington- Christina30610.03.40
21Enns- Carmen31110.10.44
22Shang- Daili33610.18.32
23mccarty- erin32610.25.33
24MAAS- SYLVIA32110.28.51
25ARAUJO- KATIE30310.39.13
26Beary- Kristiina30510.42.27
27Kraatz- Jennifer32010.50.50
28Cohenmeyer- Casey30910.55.26
29Wong- Cyndi33411.12.50
30Aguilar- Nancy30211.36.49
31Choe- Grace30811.50.32

Men's Top 100 Results: 2018 Belgian Waffle Ride

1McCulloch- Brian306.34.29
2King- Ted106.34.30
3Castillo- Ulises1306.37.41
4Lewis- Bryan2706.38.58
5Strickland- Colin17306.38.59
6DeJong- Menso20006.54.24
7Kirby- Quinten2606.54.35
8Lundy- Scott1506.58.56
9little- anthony11706.59.14
10Juarez- David Tinker1106.59.52
11Anderson-Moxley- Sam3407.01.17
12Rugg- Timothy19307.01.56
13Rapp- Jordan15207.07.24
14Binatena- Diego3007.09.32
15Anton- Blake907.09.35
16Gaines- Michael7907.09.42
17Grove- Samuel207.09.51
18Hartrich- Coulton9307.12.28
19Corella- Rene2307.15.54
20Wells- Jake18907.15.56
21Shirley- Neil707.15.57
22Ganter- Chris8007.15.57
23Tracey-Cook- Matthew17507.15.57
24Mills- Adam2107.17.12
25Easter- Mike6607.21.39
26Kirby- Kyle19107.23.34
27Powlison- Spencer64107.23.49
28Prenzlow- Brent15007.24.15
29BIERMAN- ERIC4407.24.15
30McWilliams- Al12907.28.17
31Bordine- Karl1407.31.37
32allison- zack1907.31.38
33Veal- Ed60907.31.42
34Reisz- Attila55807.31.46
35Jordin- Aaron10407.36.00
36Steers- Ryan2007.37.42
37Schmalz- Joseph1207.38.45
38Cervantes- Emilio5207.39.22
39Kickbush- Sean199007.41.25
40SPENCE- CHRIS17007.41.26
41Castaldo- Mike5107.41.26
42Peaz- Jason14507.42.22
43Pantellere- Sean14207.44.38
44Bearman- Gordon4007.44.39
45Nichols- Ben52407.44.48
46Brauer- Barrett64607.44.49
47Floyd- Steve7707.48.07
48Oksanen- Jussi13707.48.07
49Welch- Jeff61807.48.08
50Lynch- John11907.49.10
51Morton- Todd13307.49.46
52Sanchez- Javi57107.50.01
53Sheek- David58007.55.25
54Keep- John47407.56.53
55Raymond- Ben15407.57.30
56Meidhof- Jason13007.58.19
57Roemer- Craig15707.58.20
58Behrens- John1007.58.20
59Picarelli- Richard14707.58.21
60Rous- David15807.58.22
61mica- paul13107.59.59
62Hunt- Rob10108.01.52
63Bolin- Brendon4608.01.52
64grob- dennis8608.02.04
65Doherty- Ethan6408.04.59
66Blanco- Richard37008.05.48
67Reynolds- Tim55908.10.29
68Siegle- Jason16308.10.47
69Marietti- David12308.12.35
70Memelink- Christopher50908.12.38
71Clermont- Cliff5708.12.41
72Maguire III- Justin49908.13.25
73Meunier- Pierre51308.13.26
74Lucas- Myles49308.13.29
75Chan- Anthony5308.15.07
76Carrillo- Jaime38708.15.10
77Blair- Alden36908.15.17
78ARECHIGA- SAMUEL35008.15.38
79Duong- Young41208.18.28
80Barrosa- Ricardo3908.19.35
81Kogon- Drew10908.19.52
82Cobley- Daniel5808.19.52
83HENSLEY- ADAM9708.19.56
84Kerkove- Jeff47608.20.42
85Mendez- Daniel51108.20.49
86Gonzalez- Demetrio43908.20.59
87Reilly- Travis55708.20.59
88Stephenson- Chris59608.24.13
89Reese- James55608.24.15
90Mendes- Junior51008.24.42
91Stafford- Benjamin17108.24.51
92Orazov- Bayram13808.25.13
93Pickels- Rob14808.25.20
94Huntington- Sam46208.25.29
95Arena- Ben3608.27.09
96engelhardt- marc41708.27.26
97Harward- David9408.27.55
98Matz- Mike12508.29.12
99Hawkins- John9508.29.16
100Sromalla- Chris59408.30.11